IT Experts with a Bottom-Line Focus

At Siwel Consulting, we believe that an IT solution is truly optimized only when it is fully aligned with your organization’s business objectives. And your business objectives usually lead to a single place: the bottom line.

The real value of outstanding technical expertise is in the power to improve your organization’s profitability.

How Siwel Will Help You

Siwel can help you reduce costs, including capital expenditures, operating expenses and the cost of managing your IT assets. We can show you how to generate incremental revenue by improving how you serve your customers, creating new sources of competitive advantage or capitalizing on new business opportunities.

Siwel helps move organizations from traditional, owner-operated IT to more cost-effective solutions like virtualization and cloud computing. We plan and implement the most comprehensive, flexible solutions for all your IT challenges, including data center optimization, data storage and management, business continuity, desktop virtualization, mobile computing, IT asset management and IT staffing.

At Siwel, your bottom line is our business.

The Siwel Difference: Our People

Siwel people earn accolades from our clients every day. No other IT consultants have more expertise about the technologies that make a difference for your business. But in the end, it is the passion, integrity, accessibility and commitment exemplified by every Siwel professional, every day, which makes us most proud, and differentiates Siwel from every other IT consulting organization.

It is the character of our people that wins and maintains the trust and confidence of our clients.

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