Store, Compute, Analyze, Manage, Protect and Secure your data.

Storage, servers, cloud. We can help

We build IT infrastructure solutions that are fully responsive to the needs of your business, with enough agility and flexibility built in to adjust to changing market conditions and requirements. Before touching your infrastructure, our team of experts identify any gaps that prevent you from meeting your objectives, then we leverage as much of your existing infrastructure as possible to fill in or build out a new, cost-effective solution. Learn More

Analyze your data, transform your business

Siwel’s end-to-end big data services model provides our clients with access to valuable new information about their markets and customers – high quality information, well before their competitors. Our data scientists, engineers, and analysts are involved in solution development from the beginning, mapping out your data needs at the same time your hardware and software infrastructure is determined. Learn More

Manage your assets: people, hardware, software

Your company’s investment in IT hardware and software is significant, and the people you entrust to manage and run your data operations are the lifeblood that supports decision-making throughout your organization. How you manage your IT assets – software, hardware and people - will ultimately determine whether your organization is a leader in the markets where you compete. Learn More

Protect your business

Your enterprise has a variety of valuable assets: people, equipment, facilities and more. If you think about it, all of these assets are changed or replaced from time to time. But there’s one asset that can’t be replaced: your data. In fact, it might be fair to say that your enterprise is your data. As that data grows over years and decades, it becomes more challenging to protect. We can show you how. Learn More


Big Data: Unlock Competitive Advantage and New Markets

Big data is for every industry and every company.                                                       

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Using Pizza to Explain IBM Sub-Capacity

Sub-capacity vs. full-capacity licensing: Don’t buy the whole pizza when you can just buy a slice!

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Neil Clover, CIO

"Siwel knows our technical environment, yes, but they get our culture too: how we work, our priorities, etc. There’s an honesty and comfort in the relationship that enables us to roll up our sleeves and work together for mutual benefit."

Robert Faletra, CEO

"Companies like Siwel Consulting that have earned this year's CRN Triple Crown award are truly among the industry's elite, showing the depth and breadth of sales, technical and marketing expertise to earn recognition on our premier lists."