Data-centric IT solutions and services to meet your key business objectives

At Siwel, "consulting" is in our name and in our blood. Every Siwel professional understands that we must first have a grasp of our client’s business goals before we can offer any solution. As consultants, we ask a lot of questions. The answers enable us to create an IT solution that helps our clients achieve their objectives without undue cost or complexity.

Before we enter your data center, we dig deep to get to the heart of your business priorities. What are the requirements of your customers? Where is there an opportunity to generate competitive advantage in your industry? Where can we help improve service levels, or reduce the cost of operations? What do your end users need to accomplish faster? What security measures are mission-critical? What ongoing support may be required? By developing a deep understanding of these issues, and uncovering others along the way, we can design, implement and support the next evolution of your IT infrastructure. Drawing on our extensive experience with the latest developments in virtualization, storage, hardware, software, asset management and more, we can create results that provide a true competitive and financial advantage.

That’s the vision that we deliver on every day.