An ITAM Pioneer 

Siwel has been a pioneer in the Software Asset Management (SAM) industry – not just in terms of being one of the first to offer IT Aseet Management (ITAM) services, but also in the innovation we brought to solving practical problems and applying concepts and techniques before they became mainstream best practices.

We may not have been the first or only one doing these things, but we were not aware of anyone else doing things this way and certainly none of our clients had been offered these services by anyone else at the time.

Even as far back as our first projects in 1998, Siwel recognized that the data center represented the greatest threat to an organization’s risk and compliance – while most companies were focused on the desktop environment.

It was also when Siwel determined there was a need to capture license requests as a means of ITAM control - when most companies were struggling with the concepts of asset discovery and license entitlements.

Siwel also recognized there was a need for continuous ITAM Managed Services rather than just project-based activities that solved very specific issues - with so few resources with ITAM knowledge and experience in the business world at the time, companies were struggling to manage these tasks on their own.

Our first web portal built for our Managed Services clients allowed users to securely connect to for software requests and management – this was pioneering in 3 ways:

  • This was hosted in a Siwel environment, effectively making it an early “cloud” or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) implementation.
  • A software catalog customized to the client’s needs was provided for users to select software from – an early Enterprise Catalog or App Store that took on and applied IT Service Management (ITSM) concepts beyond core ITAM functions. This is a very hot topic for many organizations currently.
  • The system could be configured to include specific contract details/entitlements so that reports could be generated against specific contracts or ordering agreements – something some systems today are still working on.

In 2010, as we saw that clients were still struggling to manage IT Asset Management tasks, even with good tools and data, we expanded our services to include ITAM Program process assessments. We then expanded our ITAM Program Assessment to incorporate supplemental services such as Service Desk and Change Management that traditionally fell under applied IT Service Management (ITSM). This is now a very hot concept in the industry today.

For more than several years now, our message to clients was that tool implementations and license optimization services were complementary rather than being competing activities – something the tools vendors themselves still specify today.

In 2015 Siwel recognized another important component in an effective IT Asset Management – IT Security. In light of very recent public threats to IT Security globally, this has become a major focus point for organizations. This is especially crucial as hackers and villains are targeting older machines as an entry point into networks and managers have a need to know all the vulnerability points in their IT environments. The following year we began offering Mainframe Asset Management services to everyone, not just to our Managed Services clients - recognizing that this is an overlooked corner of the ITAM world that more organizations may need help with.

We are constantly searching for new ways to improve our service offerings and to identify new needs in the market. We’re looking forward to the next 25 years of innovation! 

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