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Siwel Consulting, Inc. brings together industry-leading expertise in the three areas that drive IT: Hardware, Software and People. By using the latest technology, effectively managing hardware and software assets and streamlining system management, we increase overall organizational effectiveness and deliver greater efficiencies in each of these areas.Our “consultants-first” philosophy means that we are much more than resellers and technicians. We work closely with each client to align IT strategy with overall business objectives, ensuring that every IT dollar is spent wisely. The result is greater operational efficiency, new sources of competitive advantage and additional revenue opportunities.

All this sets Siwel apart. But in the end, it is the passion, integrity, accessibility and commitment exemplified by every Siwel professional, day-in and day-out, that makes us most proud. It is the character of our people that wins and maintains the trust and confidence of our many clients.

Please contact Christina Witmer, Director of Workforce Management, at or (646) 369-4918 for information about joining the Siwel Consulting team.

Current Openings


IT Asset Management (ITAM) Analyst

New York, NY

Job Description

The ITAM Software License Analyst is a position in Siwel that focuses on client support, as well as assists with vendor management and program delivery for strategic ITAM accounts. The Analyst is responsible for supporting the Lead Software Specialist and the Engagement Manager in managing client assets across the lifecycle, which includes acquisition, policy definition, discovery, compliance monitoring, maintenance, chargeback support and retirement of software assets.

This role will also include day-to-day operational responsibilities relating to asset management with the goal of ensuring quality, integrity and usability of data within the various asset management systems supporting our client base. In this capacity, the ITAM Software License Analyst will work with the necessary stakeholders, both internal and external, to ensure that necessary processes are being followed and software asset information is being updated into the asset repository in a timely manner.

The Software License Analyst will work directly with the Lead Software Specialist and Engagement Manager to implement Asset Management practices, processes or developed client solutions on behalf of the client. The role will also require interfacing with external partner teams that provide Asset Management solutions, infrastructure support or co-management services to Siwel.

The ITAM Software License Analyst will work on a variety of matters relating to Software License Management including evaluating past contracts for entitlements, pro-active analysis of license compliance positions, identification of cost saving through efficiency in managing software assets and enhancement of policies, processes and controls.

Job Requirements
  • Client Support and License Key Management:
    • Provide first point of contact for customer software requests.
    • Provide data validation, i.e. core, processor, server architecture, etc.
    • Ensure data integrity i.e. inconsistent, incorrect or missing information.
    • Guide end-user through order process in Enterprise License Agreement Web Portal.
    • Understand the different software license metrics and provide guidance to customer end-users.
    • Ensure software ordering process workflow is followed by customer end-users.
    • Assist user population with License Key Generation
    • Assist in the tracking of License Key distribution (when required)
    • Provide License Key activation and facilitate installation support
    • Providing software access to download and technical support.
    • Provide ITAM customers support with regards to compliance reporting, license management, software reclamation and reuse, internal audit of software, procurement planning and forecasting, long-range planning and budgeting, etc.
    • Extend Asset Management processes by providing feedback on how to improve internal tools and portal.
    • Work on special projects as needed.
  • Deployment Analysis and Contract Management:
    • Provide an analysis of historical deployment information when required.
    • Provide an analysis and reporting of deployment activity (real time) against license entitlements.
    • Provide Product/deployment trending reports.
    • Provide an analysis and reporting of “in-process orders (i.e. pending, Siwel Complete, Customer Analyst complete).
    • Provide Monthly and ad hoc reporting of software deployments versus Contracted Entitlements for customer executives for assigned software vendors.
    • Provide an analysis and reporting of compliancy issues and potential exposures
    • Provide Baseline observations and recommendations based on discovery data.
    • Learn and have a good understanding of the Terms & Conditions of Software Vendor contracts as well as any amendments and schedules relative to a contract both historical and real-time
    • Assist with Client inventory preparation, contract negotiations, deployment justification/validation to vendors upon Client request
    • Understand the relationships between contracts, i.e. metric changes, superseding products, etc.
    • Understand important reconciliation and compliance reporting deadlines with assigned vendors and contract limitations.
    • Data validation and ensuring the portal and back-end are up-to-date.
    • Serve as a liaison between vendor and client as needed.
  • College level education with 2 years job experience preferred experience in IT industry a plus
  • Attention to detail a must
  • Ability to prioritize competing responsibilities
  • Proficient in MS Suite of products specifically, MS Excel – Power Point, Access, Visio a plus
  • Excellent communication skills (for both email and telephone conversations)
  • Team player
  • Must learn the excel skills needed to perform reporting

Please contact Christina Witmer, Director of Workforce Management, at or (646) 369-4918 for information about joining the Siwel Consulting team.