Condusiv Technologies Offers Boon for New Jersey Businesses

December 15th, 2014

Information is America’s newest export, with terabytes and cloud space replacing the floppy disks and server rooms of years past. The modern business needs a cutting-edge approach to manage their mounds of data, and Siwel’s NJ IT consulting approach has several products that can help manage your information overload.

New Jersey IT consultingOne such offering comes from Condusiv Technologies, a high-performance software company that has been leading the IT charge for three decades. Small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike have used Condusiv solutions to optimize the performance of their physical and virtual systems.

This all adds up to faster and more efficient data storage for your business, with zero overhead required to take your operations into a new era. Energy efficiency is also a big part of the Condusiv approach, with “Set It and Forget It” solutions allowing your company to remain organized without increasing power costs.

Clients in enterprise, government and manufacturing have all used Condusiv products to their advantage, and our NJ IT customers have seen a clear difference after implementation. Independent software vendors and home users have also taken full advantage of this leading technology, increasing overall productivity from the start.

Change is Good with NJ IT Consulting

These products all operate with the common goal of helping your technology reach its peak performance, allowing the user experience to follow suit. Your business can reach new heights when you put your team in better position to succeed, and Condusiv technologies could be the next step you need to take you there.

To make true progress with your business, you have to be willing to change and adapt; an approach that has served Condusiv Technologies since 1981. For more information on Condusiv Technologies or any of our NJ IT consulting products, please contact Siwel Consulting at (212) 691-9326!

New Generation of IT Puts Users at the Forefront

December 11th, 2014

Mobile devices have made IT a more complicated process than ever before, with businesses making use of a multitude of devices in no shortage of locations. Whether you’re working on an office desktop or a tablet from home, users need a consistent and reliable experience to deliver the best results for the company.

New York IT consultingSiwel’s approach to NY IT consulting makes this commitment to dependability an absolute necessity for your business. The user experience directly influences the production you’ll see from your employees, and our three-pronged approach should make all the difference in the new generation of IT needs:

User Interface: In the new mobile office, the user interface can’t be inconsistent based on location or device. Fully functional and accessible computing is an absolute must for the new age of IT, with common passwords and processes to create a coherent system.

Security: With so much mobility in the IT stratosphere, keeping data safe and secure is as important and as challenging as ever before. Authorized end users can access these devices anywhere and anytime with Siwel’s assistance, without ever having to worry about your system being compromised.

Profile Management: Individual user profiles can help manage the big data crunch for your company, separating business and personal data in the interest of clearing your servers. This can help keep the interface clean and efficient, without being weighed down by non-essential data.

End Users at the Heart of NY IT Consulting

The next generation of IT is upon us, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get your company on the right track and up to speed. For more information on end user computing or any of our NY IT consulting solutions, please contact Siwel Consulting at (212) 691-9326!

Next-Generation Virtualization with Liquidware Labs

November 25th, 2014

Siwel offers a number of exceptional products for our NYC IT consulting clients, and Liquidware Labs (LWL) is one of the top options for companies in all industries. As a leader in Assessment and User Experience Management, LWL offers a next-generation approach desktop infrastructure.

Physical and virtual desktops alike can benefit from these solutions, including LWL’s industry-recognized Stratusphere™ and ProfileUnity™. Considered the first “On-Ramp to VDI” solution in use, these products are compatible with VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop and Microsoft Windows 7.

NYC IT consulting productsThis complete approach is an unrivaled provider for Assessment, Levels of Assurance through Diagnostics, Profile Management, and Deployment management solutions. Users can be seamlessly migrated using the Statusphere™, including all documents and settings throughout your enterprise as you switch your overall IT infrastructure.

Your business shouldn’t be held back by an archaic system, and the LWL approach allows you to move forward into a new era without losing the important files of your past. With a full inventory taken before and after the conversion, you can rest assured with a successful switch that leaves your company in good hands going forward.

New-Age Approach for NYC IT Consulting

Siwel’s NYC IT solutions center around customer satisfaction, and Liquidware Labs have helped us manage countless success stories for businesses of all kinds. With appropriate integrity in all of our details, businesses can be helped with user settings management, centrally mapped drives, printers, desktop shortcuts, proxy settings and more.

Certified and licensed professionals will be on-hand to help ensure that your experience with Siwel and LWL is a success, through the initial conversion phases and beyond. Should you determine that your company requires additional assistance, our consultants will be happy to help you move forward into your new infrastructure.

For more information on Liquidware Labs or our NYC IT consulting, please contact Siwel Consulting at (212) 691-9326!

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