Next-Generation Virtualization with Liquidware Labs

November 25th, 2014

Siwel offers a number of exceptional products for our NYC IT consulting clients, and Liquidware Labs (LWL) is one of the top options for companies in all industries. As a leader in Assessment and User Experience Management, LWL offers a next-generation approach desktop infrastructure.

Physical and virtual desktops alike can benefit from these solutions, including LWL’s industry-recognized Stratusphere™ and ProfileUnity™. Considered the first “On-Ramp to VDI” solution in use, these products are compatible with VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop and Microsoft Windows 7.

NYC IT consulting productsThis complete approach is an unrivaled provider for Assessment, Levels of Assurance through Diagnostics, Profile Management, and Deployment management solutions. Users can be seamlessly migrated using the Statusphere™, including all documents and settings throughout your enterprise as you switch your overall IT infrastructure.

Your business shouldn’t be held back by an archaic system, and the LWL approach allows you to move forward into a new era without losing the important files of your past. With a full inventory taken before and after the conversion, you can rest assured with a successful switch that leaves your company in good hands going forward.

New-Age Approach for NYC IT Consulting

Siwel’s NYC IT solutions center around customer satisfaction, and Liquidware Labs have helped us manage countless success stories for businesses of all kinds. With appropriate integrity in all of our details, businesses can be helped with user settings management, centrally mapped drives, printers, desktop shortcuts, proxy settings and more.

Certified and licensed professionals will be on-hand to help ensure that your experience with Siwel and LWL is a success, through the initial conversion phases and beyond. Should you determine that your company requires additional assistance, our consultants will be happy to help you move forward into your new infrastructure.

For more information on Liquidware Labs or our NYC IT consulting, please contact Siwel Consulting at (212) 691-9326!

Reinforce Your Infrastructure with Siwel’s IT Approach

November 19th, 2014

Companies large and small rely on technology to compete in the current business landscape, and Siwel’s New York City IT consulting approach can help you get the most out of your setup. Your existing IT infrastructure may not need a complete overhaul, but even minor deficiencies could be holding you back from the results you deserve.

New York City IT consulting solutionsOur clients can be confident in Siwel’s status as a VMware Premiere Partner and a VMware Authorized Consultant, with specialized certification in several components of the industry. As one of few companies to hold both of these certifications, Siwel is prepared for Business Continuity, Infrastructure Virtualization and Desktop Virtualization.

Storage solutions are also part of this approach, with innovative changes often necessary to make room for the massive amounts of data that continue to grow. Your existing infrastructure can be altered to add enough room for your growing company, without creating unnecessary upkeep expenses from unused storage.

Siwel engineers are equipped with the latest technology and training to help you find the best solutions for your needs, making sure that you have enough capability to run efficiently. However, our technicians are also careful to ensure that you don’t waste any space in your budget with cut corners or flashy expenses. Our overall goal is increasing your productivity to help give a boost to your bottom line.

Proven New York City IT Consulting Tactics

A lot goes into the overall IT infrastructure of your business, but you don’t have to face this the overwhelming task alone. With a qualified team of professionals on your side from Siwel Consulting, you can rest assured that your company is in position to succeed with the entirety of your IT solutions.

For more information on our New York City IT resources or consulting, please contact Siwel Consulting at (212) 691-9326!

Case Studies Show the Value of NYC IT Consulting

November 11th, 2014

It’s easy for modern companies to write off IT expenses in the short term, but the potential value of NYC IT consulting cannot be understated in the long haul. Siwel has a long history of helping our clients reach a more efficient and cost-effective state, and our past record can confidently stand up to any other firm.

You don’t have to take our word for it alone, however.  Our past case studies are easy to view on our website at any time, with these two particular cases serving as prime examples of the benefits of quality IT management:

Software Asset Management Services

NYC IT consulting Siwel was contracted by the Senior Management of a Fortune 200 Insurance Company, with the stated goal of centralizing software and reducing costs within three months. The organization was also looking to minimize risk exposure, with non-compliance appearing as an issue in the early goings of the project.

To successfully implement a Software Asset Management Program, the company elected to run with Siwel’s Managed Services and was rewarded from the get-go. Saving the company $13.5 million in the first year alone, the results obviously matched the lofty goals set from the onset.

Contract Consulting Services

In another past project, IT budget cuts were seen as a pressing issue at a Fortune 100 Manufacturing Company. With an impeding IBM software contract renewal, Siwel was brought in to lend advice to the proceedings and look for potential IT savings.

By trusting their process to Siwel’s expert NYC IT consulting team, the company was able to negotiate a 19% reduction in their next IBM contract. Better data on actual software usage was also able to help the company save in overlooked areas, which helped alleviate the IT budget crunch.

For more information on NYC IT staffing or consulting, please contact Siwel Consulting at (212) 691-9326!

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