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January 14th, 2015

At the end of the day, the truth is that the business you’re running today is not the same as it would have been 50, 20, or even just five years ago. With technology moving faster all the time, this is not your grandfather’s industry anymore.

With so much of what your business does being digitized, data security should be an intrinsic part of your plans. That, of course, is where our NYC IT consulting firm comes into play. At Siwel Consulting, we’ll think about keeping your data safe so that you can focus what businesses have always focused on: satisfying customers and getting the job done.

Taking Precautions Helps to Prevent Major Setbacks

NYC IT consulting firmWhen it comes to keeping your data safe, it’s essential to have a strong plan. At Siwel Consulting, we truly base our business model around consulting. Our experts will take the time to get to know you, your business, and your data. As a result, we’ll help you formulate a custom plan that works for your business and its data.

For starters, it’s important to know what data you have. Being able to prioritize your data based on sensitivity and importance can help you take steps to protect your most critical information.

Scaling down can also help to minimize your risk of having your data compromised. Data that you use regularly for routine business is important to have handy. Everything that’s outdated can be either securely archived or safely destroyed. While you might think outdated data is harmless, it’s important to handle it appropriately as even older codes can check out on occasion.

The data that you keep and use should still be planned for accordingly, which is where our expert IT consultants can be invaluable. We’ll help you to sort through your data and develop an appropriate plan for your business. As everything we do is personalized, you can rest easy knowing that your business and its needs have been individually accounted for when formulating your security plan.

The sooner you form a plan for your data, the sooner you can get back to serving your clients with timeless dedication. To get the ball rolling toward a safer environment, be sure to contact our IT consulting firm in NYC or to call the Siwel Consulting team directly at (212) 691-9326 today!

3 Reasons Why Siwel is the Right Choice for Your 2015 IT Goals

December 22nd, 2014

As the 2014 business year comes to close, the focus can shift squarely to the promise of 2015 for your business. As you set your budget for the upcoming 12 months however, consider the way businesses of all sizes and industries rely on technology to move forward. The investment in your IT can be the biggest decision you make this year, and Siwel’s approach to NJ IT consulting can help make the most of it.

So what makes Siwel the top choice for your 2015 IT goals? It comes down to our business approach, as well as our focus on new and adaptive technology:

1) Consultative Approach

New Jersey IT consulting firmWe don’t approach any client with a cookie-cutter solution. Your business deserves more than a template; you deserve a personalized approach to fit your specific industry needs. You’ll have a chance to make your voice heard with a preliminary meeting, and our phone lines are always open to help make sure that your priorities are our priorities as well.

2) First-Class Partnerships

Any IT firm can promise you a hard-working staff and full-time expertise, but few can put their money where their mouth is the way that Siwel can. Among our most noted partners, Siwel can offer the support of the following nationwide corporations:

  • VMware Premier Solution Provider
  • VMware Authorized Consultant
  • NetApp Platinum Partner
  • IBM Premier Partner
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

3) Innovative Technology

These partnerships mean that our clients have access to the latest and most groundbreaking technology on the market. These solutions are not only more reliable and more powerful, but generally the most cost-effective for any of your business’s software or hardware needs.

Trusted IT Consulting for NJ Businesses

With these advantages on your side, 2015 can bring on a new level of productivity for your growing business. For more information on specific products and our IT consulting for NJ businesses, please contact Siwel Consulting at (212) 691-9326!

Condusiv Technologies Offers Boon for New Jersey Businesses

December 15th, 2014

Information is America’s newest export, with terabytes and cloud space replacing the floppy disks and server rooms of years past. The modern business needs a cutting-edge approach to manage their mounds of data, and Siwel’s NJ IT consulting approach has several products that can help manage your information overload.

New Jersey IT consultingOne such offering comes from Condusiv Technologies, a high-performance software company that has been leading the IT charge for three decades. Small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike have used Condusiv solutions to optimize the performance of their physical and virtual systems.

This all adds up to faster and more efficient data storage for your business, with zero overhead required to take your operations into a new era. Energy efficiency is also a big part of the Condusiv approach, with “Set It and Forget It” solutions allowing your company to remain organized without increasing power costs.

Clients in enterprise, government and manufacturing have all used Condusiv products to their advantage, and our NJ IT customers have seen a clear difference after implementation. Independent software vendors and home users have also taken full advantage of this leading technology, increasing overall productivity from the start.

Change is Good with NJ IT Consulting

These products all operate with the common goal of helping your technology reach its peak performance, allowing the user experience to follow suit. Your business can reach new heights when you put your team in better position to succeed, and Condusiv technologies could be the next step you need to take you there.

To make true progress with your business, you have to be willing to change and adapt; an approach that has served Condusiv Technologies since 1981. For more information on Condusiv Technologies or any of our NJ IT consulting products, please contact Siwel Consulting at (212) 691-9326!

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