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July 29th, 2015

Once upon a time, security for businesses was a matter of strong locks, observant cameras, and vigilant guards. In the age of cloud computing and virtualization, though, digital security is the name of the game.

At our IT consulting firm in Manhattan, we specialize in providing our clients with the knowledge, resources, and tools that they need to stay on top of the technological aspects of their businesses. In many cases, this is achieved through consultation with our in-house experts. In others, we expand the resources that we offer by partnering with other industry experts.

In terms of security, Trend Micro has long been one of the industry’s leaders. Since 2009, IDC has ranked Trend Micro as the global market leader in endpoint, network, and cloud server security.

Security Leaders Provide Peace of Mind Across the Board

We’re proud to work with Trend Micro as an IT consulting partner for Manhattan businesses to take advantage of. Regardless of your company’s size or goals, security is an absolute essential.

Trend Micro IT security in Manhattan

Trend Micro offers layered solutions for improved security, providing centralized visibility and control to keep you in the know regarding your company’s ongoing security. This enables protection for you data across mobile devices, endpoints, gateways, servers, and cloud environments.

Better yet, these solutions are deigned to embody simplicity in their deployment and execution. As your business’ needs continue to shift and grow, Trend Micro’s approach to security allows your strategy to adapt, as well.

Even smaller businesses with limited resources can benefit from the team’s comprehensive knowledge. While you continue to focus on how you can grow your company, we can provide the comprehensive protection that you and your employees count on.

In the fast moving technological landscape, security is essential for your business to thrive. For more information on how Siwel and Trend Micro can help you to better protect your assets, or to schedule an initial consultation, be sure to contact us online or to call our team at (212) 691-9326 today.

Windows Server 2003 Support End-of-Life

July 20th, 2015

By Kevin Panteli, Director of ITAM Development & Consulting Services at Siwel Consulting, Inc.

Unlike the end of Windows XP Support last year, the end of Windows Server 2003 Support on July 14 has garnered far less media attention. One analyst listed the Windows 2003 end-of-life at just 5 percent coverage compared to that of Windows XP.

Although Windows Server 2003 installations estimate between 3-11 million lower than Windows XP installations last year, does that mean it has less impact? No. Some experts believe it could become the biggest security risk of the year.

So, why the concern?

  • The original release was 12 years ago while the R2 release was nine years ago. With no updates, patches, or support going forward, security and performance become critical.
  • Windows 2003 is 32-bit software while Microsoft’s suggested replacement, Windows 2012, is 64-bit. Application and product migrations could be a challenge and might require new purchases or contracts.
  • If your environment mandates the use of supported technology, this becomes an issue.
  • If you are running an aged OS, your hardware is probably outdated. This means poor performance and an increasing risk of maintenance downtime.
  • If you still have Windows 2003 in your environment, or if you’re unsure of what you’re running, your software and hardware lifecycle management processes may need attention.

If you’re struggling with the above, unsure of where your environment stands, or if you’re looking to refresh your discovery tools or to better maintain your CMDB, the Siwel Consulting IT Asset Management team can help. Please contact us at for assistance.

Personalized Guidance is at the Core of Manhattan IT Consulting Firm’s Philosophy

July 16th, 2015

As experts in the technology sector, the team at our IT consulting firm in Manhattan spends plenty of time surrounded by the latest technology. From computers and servers to constantly evolving software and applications, we’re well versed when it comes to these resources.

The most important component of your company, though, is much more human. From the goals of your team to the needs of your customers, the human element is absolutely central to your progress and, ultimately, to your success as a business.

Similarly, it’s the team at Siwel Consulting, Inc. that sets our firm apart. While we’re certainly experts when it comes to the 1s and 0s that keep our technology running smoothly, we take pride in the interpersonal elements of our Manhattan IT consulting business.

Individualized Consulting Ensures One-of-a-Kind Tech Strategies

We begin every consulting relationship by analyzing a core collection of information, with a focus on finding the areas that can be improved and determining how we can encourage that improvement.

IT consulting firm in NYC

For instance, we question the shifting needs of your customers. What are your customers’ requirements? Where can we help improve service levels? What do your end users need to accomplish more quickly?

We also determine other ways in which your business can improve, thrive, and protect advancements. Where can competitive advantages in the industry be gained? Where can we reduce operational costs? What security measures are critical to your mission? What elements of the plan will require ongoing support?

By getting to know you and your business, the same way that you get to know your customers, our team is able to better serve our clients and provide the assistance that you need. For more information on the personalized experience that you can expect from Siwel, or to schedule an initial consultation, we invite you to contact us online or to call our team today at (212) 691-9326!

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