Data Warehouse on a Minecraft Lakefront: Get Ready for the Future

May 13th, 2015

By Matt Williams, President & CEO, WD Creative Analytics

Data Warehouse on a Minecraft Lakefront: Get Ready for the FutureBig Data means real opportunity if you understand how to build a sturdy, sustainable lakefront between your existing Data Warehouse and the wider, emerging world like our “Minecraft” Data Lake concept–eg. a Minecraft Data Lake contains planned, interchangeable, scalable, dynamically changing data, with each distinct drop in a raw, unprocessed state, available to the Automated ETL/Visualizers/ Pattern finders that analyze in a consistent way across EVERY drop in the lake.

All sorts of new data points contain highly valuable, predictive behavioral attributes from the unstructured streams of customer preferences we all know and use today. However, these data points are in unprocessed, raw form, often without any clear linkage to our existing customer or product base. Yet that’s where the opportunity is strongest- placing your Data Warehouse Lakeside alongside a changeable, expandable Minecraft Big Data Lake, filled with the digital footprints, conversion actions and mobile behaviors that are most valuable for your business–streams of preferences, likes, and more across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google, plus access to DMP’s and other profile enhancement and data aggregation platforms.

In the new, emerging world of Big Data, lots of data is unlinked and unrelated to your warehouse completely. The key is filtering out the noise and surfacing the key attributes only, keeping the rest of the stream far away from your highly-maintained, pristine environment.

Some of your most valuable external data may not need to enter the data warehouse at all. Instead, an API bridge puts your warehouse dockside to these new data streams – always available, enhancing analysis quality and flexibility of questions, and opening up new opportunities within your existing dashboards, marketing segments, business intelligence, and analytics models.

Putting your Data Warehouse lakeside by a Minecraft Data Lake will give you access to new, fresher, relevant insights, uncovering relationships across different data sources that you hadn’t been able to previously see. The results can be hugely valuable right now, as well as when you are positioning your organization for the future.

About WD Creative Analytics (WDCA)

WDCA is the single source for blending data analytics and technology- an end-to-end approach combining big data expertise, robust application development, and data-driven, predictive analytics built on solid foundation of data governance and quality processes. WDCA creates and customizes teams of Big Data Engineers, Developers, and Data Science experts to work the entire curated data cycle- acquire, integrate, cleanse, enrich, automate, and govern.

Recap: 2015 IAITAM Spring ACE

May 12th, 2015

By Steffani Lomax

Recently my colleagues and I attended the first major IT Asset Management conference of 2015, the IAITAM Spring 2015 Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE), which took place April 28-30 in San Diego, CA at the Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa. Over the past two years, IAITAM (International Association of IT Asset Managers) hosted two conferences per year in different U.S locations; however this year they changed the format to a Spring conference in the United States and Fall conference in Europe.

There were about 800 attendees at the event, representing both vendor and end-user organizations. The majority were based in the U.S.; however there were attendees from other countries. There were 40 exhibitors, including 27 event sponsors, all promoting their IT Asset Management (ITAM) solutions and services.

The conference began each day with breakfast and keynote speaker presentations. For this event IAITAM brought back one of their favorite keynote speakers: Andy Andrews, a New York Times bestselling author and inspirational speaker. Andy shared some of his philosophies of business and of life while entertaining us with his humor. IAITAM purchased copies of Andy’s book “The Seven Decisions: Understanding the Keys to PersonIAITAM ACEal Success” as a free give-away and thank you to all the IAITAM conference attendees.

After the keynotes, the conference offered numerous tracks and as many as nine sessions to choose from in each time slot. The tracks included Audit, People, Process, ITSM, Compliance, Licensing, Program, Data, Security, Cloud, Disposal, Virtualization, Mobility and Case Studies. Vendors, promoting their products and services and end-user organizations sharing case studies delivered the sessions. Here are some of examples of the session topics:

  • Empowering People, Process and Technology through Automation
  • Licensing in the Cloud
  • Hire the Right People: Set a Standard
  • Data Integrity: Concept to Reality
  • Creating a Communication Plan to Guide Your Organization through Change
  • Globalization and the Impact on Your ITAM Program
  • How to Optimize Your Oracle Database Licensing & Technology

Siwel presented the following sessions:

Lunch was served outdoors in the beautiful, dry San Diego sun. This was a treat for the attendees because at most conferences you are stuck indoors and have little opportunity to see daylight for days! There was a path outside of the hotel that circled Mission Bay which was a great venue for walking or running.

To provide more networking opportunities as well as entertainment, IAITAM hosted evening events. The first evening featured an outdoor cocktail party with a baseball theme near Mission Bay. Baseball fans wore the shirts or caps of their favorite professional teams. On the second and third evenings, the Exhibition Hall was open to exhibitors and attendees who networked and enjoyed good food and drink.

Overall, the IAITAM Spring 2015 ACE was well-received by the attendees and sponsors. Whenever you have the opportunity to meet in person with vendors and users, and learn from everyone, your time is well-spent. This event provided the opportunity to network and conduct business at a single event, rather than traveling multiple times or conducting numerous meetings to accomplish what can be accomplished in one trip. Additionally, the San Diego venue was very attractive. Some attendees either arrived early or stayed after the conference to sight-see in Balboa Park, the Gaslamp Quarter, Seaport Village, Old Town or La Jolla, as examples.

If we could change one thing, we would recommend offering fewer tracks and repeat sessions so that all the sessions that are offered are well-attended. But overall, kudos to IAITAM for a conference well-done!

Manhattan IT Consulting Firm Strives for Personalized Service

May 11th, 2015

Manhattan IT consulting experts

As a leader among IT consulting firms in Manhattan, we’re proud to be able to offer our customers a wealth of resources to achieve their goals and streamline their business. The most important resource that we offer at Siwel Consulting, Inc., though, is the personalized care that comes from our team.

In our Vision Statement, it’s clear that we are a future focused company with a commitment to constant improvement. When you break that statement down line by line, it’s easy to see what sets Siwel apart.

Our Vision is to be a preferred global Services and Solutions company.

In this line, we clearly lay out a goal. Our team believes strongly that setting goals and adapting them as time goes on is essential to a company’s progress.

A strong goal not only allows you to focus on an endgame, but allows you to step back and take stock of all you’ve accomplished in addition to all you plan to accomplish.

We will win in the marketplace by listening to and understanding our customers and working with our valued partners to deliver innovative solutions that provide real business value.

This phrase encapsulates the whole of our Manhattan IT consulting firm’s focus in two essential words. The first is “listen.” Rather than forcing our clients into generic molds, our team works with you closely to better understand your company’s own vision. We get to know you, which allows for personalized service.

The second key term in this passage is “innovative.” No matter what your unique situation is, we’re here to devise new and unique approaches to each obstacles or challenge that your company faces.

Every day, our highly-skilled, diverse team will differentiate Siwel to our customers by demonstrating personal accountability, passion and innovation.

Here, we expand on the importance of our most important resource: our team! Through the unwavering efforts and hard work of our committed team members, we’re able to embody our vision every day.

When you work with Siwel Consulting, Inc., the difference our vision makes is clear immediately. Through personalized service, we’re able to provide a one-of-a-kind approach to IT consultation. For more information, be sure to contact us online or to call our team at (212) 691-9326 today!

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