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Mark O'Connell
"I thought we had a great relationship with our software supplier – I never thought he’d audit us!"
Like many IT Best Practices, Software Asset Management (SAM) can be highly ordered, structured, well-designed, and a cost-effective way to save money and avoid audit surprises. 
Imagine you’ve been asked by executives in your company to manage the upcoming audit with Software Vendor #42. This supplier has a history of aggressive enforcement of software entitlements and is contractually allowed to audit your use of his software.
In our line of work we perform Software Asset Management (SAM) assessments all the time. We ask clients many questions about how they manage their licensed software entitlements during these assessments and some of the questions pertain to the client’s company policy as it applies to SAM.
So … you’re involved in Change Management (the process of making hardware or software changes to IT systems).
As a prominent provider of ITAM consultation and services, Siwel encounters all kinds of IT Operations, large and small, with all kinds of software asset management (SAM) schemes and hardware asset management (HAM) schemes, some more automated than others.
Most companies take depreciation on their IT Assets as a means of boosting cash flow. Almost all of our client companies have some scheme for IT Asset depreciation, although occasionally one will not.
In the Software Asset Management (SAM) industry it usually pays to have some degree of skepticism. Skepticism for what? Here are some samples: Skepticism among software customers: “We feel entitled to a certain amount of software products and are skeptical of claims made to the contrary.”  ...
There are a variety of leading products for Software Asset Management (SAM) such as Flexera, Snow and others which are very effective tools for tracking applications and their licensing entitlements. These tools also track computers, users, agreements, and assorted other objects, and can be ...
Software Asset Management (SAM) champions collect all kinds of data in support of a company’s decision to invest in a SAM program. They uncover key benefits, including: financial based benefits, audit impacts, opportunities for security improvements, estate visibility, reduced maintenance costs, ...