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The IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) is not a single server that collects license usage information for IBM products, although its name makes it sound that way.  ILMT is a series of several IBM products working together to capture, extract and compute license usage - an infrastructure that your SAM team uses to manage IBM licenses. 

These IBM products require different technical skills in order to support the entire infrastructure. If you’re new to supporting ILMT, learning the skills necessary to master ILMT may be overwhelming. During this webinar, we'll review the various components of ILMT and cover the following topics:

  • What the ILMT building blocks are and how they work together to enable ILMT to function
  • The technical skills required to support ILMT and why these skills are important
  • Where to find the resources and tools necessary to promote further learning

Armed with this new information, you'll be able to successfully support your IBM SAM team now and in the future.





About the Presenter

Mark_F.jpgMark Feinman
Application Architecture Manager

Mark has been working with ITAM tools and technologies at Siwel for over twelve years. He leads a team of developers in the installation, configuration and deployment of various asset management tools, including the IBM License Metric Tool and Siwel’s own Software Asset Management portal. Before joining Siwel, Mark was a Certified IT Specialist for the IBM Corporation, focused on the deployment of web conferencing across the entire enterprise. 

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