Replay the webinar to see Siwel's Larry Person as he discusses how best to approach a publisher requested audit or SAM engagement. 

A publisher requested SAM engagement can be any number of things - a licensing review, a sales pitch, a formal contractual audit, etc. During this webinar, Larry will discuss the various engagement types, as well as your associated rights and options. Here are some of the topics he'll cover:

  • Questions you should ask the publisher prior to making any commitment to participate in a SAM engagement
  • Available options, including what could happen if you refuse
  • How best to manage the engagement and its possible outcomes, should you decide to proceed



About the presenter:


Larry Person
Sr. Solutions Executive
Larry joined the Siwel team in 2017 as a Senior Solutions Executive. Prior to joining Siwel, Larry was a Software Asset Management (SAM) Engagement Manager for Microsoft Corporation, where he led the SAM practice for their NY Metro region.
While at Microsoft, Larry performed SAM related tasks for clients that included establishing licensing baselines. His work in this area provided his clients with valuable information and insights that helped drive business transformation and savings associated with technology and contract optimization. These engagements also provided clients with the critical information required to successfully complete strategic activities like Mergers & Acquisitions and datacenter modernization.


Topics: Webinar, SAM, Audit