Watch the replay as Siwel's Senior Director of ITAM Strategy and Innovation, Kevin Panteli, details how to effectively select a SAM tool. 

You’ve carried out your research. You’ve calculated costs and risks. You’ve built your business case and reviewed it with your executive team. You’ve convinced them of the value and you’ve received the funding you asked for. All you have to do now is to build your RFP and issue it to multiple vendors – that’s the easy part, right? What could go wrong?

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to successfully select a tool, as well as how to create an effective RFP, including:

  • How and what to prepare in advance
  • Which questions will make a difference and ensure success
  • A review of major mistakes and pitfalls, as well as how to avoid them




About the presenter:


Kevin Panteli
Senior Director, ITAM Strategy & Innovation
As the Senior Director of ITAM Strategy & Innovation, Kevin is focused on understanding clients’ ongoing ITAM needs and ensuring Siwel’s services are continuously aligned to support them. In addition, Kevin provides strategic support and best practice guidance to C-Level executives on establishing or maturing their own ITAM Programs, regardless of industry or organizational size.

Kevin has been working at Siwel since 2004 following a diverse career on both sides of the Atlantic that included System Development/Programming, Web Design, IT Support, Business Process Analysis, IT Training and Audit/Standards, as well as Technical and Business Documentation. 


Topics: Webinar, SAM, SAM Tools