The Challenge

Body worn cameras for police officers have become a very hot topic; at least 29 states have passed or are considering legislation mandating use by every officer. Police departments in many U.S. cities and municipalities are struggling with how to quickly store and digest all the video footage, then categorize, archive, and manage this potential video evidence.

It is imperative to have a high-performance, dense, and scalable storage solution to accomplish this increasingly critical task. Ease of use and reliable tech support are critical factors for police departments that must maintain custody of this data for extended periods, with limited budgets, and without additional time requirements or administrative headaches. Departments must also ensure that video evidence adheres to CJIS standards, while maintaining a secondary copy for disaster recovery purposes and peace of mind. An in-house approach to storing video evidence can meet these challenges and is considered an industry best practice.

The Solution

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The “video evidence black box” is designed to be secured in the police station evidence locker under the watchful eye of a sworn officer. This secure evidence solution is built using next generation technology from NetApp and Safety Innovations. When you order the black box through Siwel Consulting, you will receive servers, NetApp E-Series® storage, networking tools, and a lockable, moveable cabinet. All of these components are fully integrated from the start.

Safety Innovations supplies the body worn cameras integrated with this solution, including pre-configured VidVault software, pre-programmed network switch and optional wireless access point(s). The VidMic VX™ camera from Safety Innovations is revolutionary in the body worn camera field, integrating a radio microphone with the camera. This combination does not add any equipment to the officer's existing duty gear load, but keeps the camera discreet and unobtrusive. The VidMic VX works with over 200 models of common radios. It contains 8, 16, 32, or 64GB of internal memory, automatically downloads evidence when docked for charging, and includes standard or extended life batteries.

VidVault is a secure evidence management system. User-friendly and easily integrated with legacy technology, VidVault works on local servers, or in a public, private or hybrid cloud environment.  Evidence managed by VidVault complies with all chain of custody and CJIS standards. With VidVault, public records requests are as easy as a single click.

Key Facts  About  Body Worn Cameras in Law Enforcement

  • They are fiscally responsible: U.S. Law enforcement agencies spend approximately $2 billion in settlements each year to resolve claims. Agencies using BWCs report a dramatic decrease in complaints and claims.

  • They represent both sides of the story: BWCs serve as an independent, impartial account of an interaction. They capture an officer’s point of view from the beginning to the end of an incident—not just a YouTube video clip showing a portion of the activity.

  • They provide legal evidence: The videos are considered evidence which can be used in court. They are subject to local retention and protection of records policies.

  • They improve behavior: BWCs improve the behavior of all parties during police interactions and keep everyone accountable. Law enforcement agencies use captured video as a teaching/coaching tool.

  • They enhance public trust: BWCs document police interacting with their community. This enhances public trust and creates safer communities.

Why Choose Siwel, NetApp, and Safety Innovations?

Siwel, NetApp, and Safety Innovations together offer a complete line of products designed to meet today’s body worn camera security challenges.

Siwel Consulting delivers industry-leading IT services to help you Store, Compute, Analyze, Manage, Protect and Secure your data. We work with each client to create innovative solutions that optimize IT assets and align IT strategy with overall objectives. The result is greater operational efficiency and additional revenue opportunities. Within its Data Analytics practice area, Siwel has a successful specialty in Video Analytics.

NetApp E-Series storage delivers unprecedented capacity, speed, and durability. The E-Series storage system uses a modular architecture that offers a true "pay-as-you-grow" solution to address small, medium, or large body worn camera implementations. The solution offers the ability to start small and grow big in a very efficient, cost effective manner.

Safety Innovations has over a decade of experience designing and implementing body worn cameras. Siwel Consulting combines this experience with best-of-breed technology, financing, and integration services to complete the solution.