Run IT with Confidence

Unlock Value through Increased Control and Automation

The next generation of IT infrastructure-Composability-provides a Hybrid platform to help intelligently manage both traditional and cloud workloads. With unmatched flexibility, power, and control, Composable Infrastructure ensures the continuous alignment of business and IT in today's disruptive environment.

 Through our partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, you can speed up your transformation to hybrid IT with the first platform built from the ground up for a composable infrastructure-the HPE Synergy,powered by Intel Xeon processors. Now you can:

  • Boost agility with fluid resource pools that can be configured and reconfigured endlessly
  • Increase flexibility with support for any workload (physical, virtualized, containerized, cloud, etc.)
  • Tighten control and automate administration with software-defined everything

Why Move to Hybrid IT?

Read our solution brief to learn how to support diverse workload requirements from one single infrastructure.

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