The human side of your IT help desk strategy.

In a knowledge economy, the firms with the best talent win. Accordingly, IT Help Desk Managers continually strive to find and hire the best people, nurture the star performers and foster a productive work environment. But success in today’s business climate is also a function of how quickly an IT Help Desk organization responds to change. Unfortunately, it is difficult to maintain this flexibility in the face of escalating pressures to cut costs by reducing headcount, increase productivity with a smaller staff, and minimize overall business risk. We help organizations address these complex issues with our IT Help Desk Solutions by combining an intimate knowledge of IT Help Desk workforce management, information technology, and business strategy. Our flexible and affordable IT Help Desk Solutions enable you to fully align your Help Desk with your business and IT objectives.

More than your typical IT staffing agency, we provide a full range of IT Help Desk solutions, including IT Help Desk Agent Staffing, IT Help Desk Agent Management, and IT Help Desk Management Out-Tasking.

IT Help Desk Agent Staffing

Identifying and acquiring IT Help Desk agents is an ongoing challenge for organizations today. High acquisition costs and turnover are realities in the struggle to hire top-notch IT Help Desk Agents. The strategic nature of our approach to agent staffing begins with your business objectives for the IT Help Desk.

Siwel Consulting’s recruiting organization will partner with your IT Help Desk manager to develop detailed candidate profiles for your unique business requirements. We will work with you to understand your retention strategies and target individuals that align best with your IT Help Desk. Together our recruiting leader and your IT Help Desk Management will build a plan to identify staffing needs over time and to address peak loads. By engaging Siwel to assist your management team with their IT Help Desk staffing needs, your organization will realize valuable benefits:

  • Flexibility to dynamically increase or decrease agents according to business needs
  • Reduction in time to hire, because our recruiters maintain a pipeline of available, qualified professionals
  • More time to focus on your business, because we reduce the time associated with agent sourcing and the administrative cost and burden of full time employees
  • More hiring options: full time, right-to-hire, and contingent agents

IT Help Desk Agent Management

The "high-value" time of the IT Help Desk Manager is time spent on strategic tasks such as planning for support of business events, extrapolating trends from support requests, and assisting agents on high priority incidents. Every minute of administrative time spent managing IT Help Desk Agents reduces the contributions of managers toward meeting these strategic objectives. We will work closely with you to put a plan in place that reduces the "non-strategic" tasks handled by the IT Help Desk Manager. Our Agent Management program can include sourcing, recruiting, screening/testing, onboarding and client specific organization and application training, as well as performance management and a separation process. This program will be compliant with your organization’s business, HR and security practices, and will be managed by a professional supervisor provided by Siwel.

Working together with our recruiting and HR organization, our professional supervisor will ensure higher performance of the IT Help Desk organization by enabling your agents and managers to maintain focus on their primary mission: to keep users happy and the business humming. Siwel’s IT Help Desk Agent Management offering delivers:

  • A structured program that facilitates all aspects of the agent labor life cycle, improving agent replacement cycle time, availability, and quality
  • Increased overall effectiveness of the IT Help Desk by eliminating the burden of less productive administrative tasks and instituting proactive performance management
  • Proactive planning and flexible staffing to respond to unpredictable workloads and meet the needs of a constantly changing business environment

IT Help Desk Management Out-Tasking

Your business is not about IT support. Your IT Help Desk exists to enable your organizational goals, but at times it can seem like it is an impediment. You face the simultaneous challenges of keeping your agents current on the latest technologies, driving root cause analysis for difficult and/or high-frequency incidents, maintaining existing IT Help Desk processes and developing new ones. All this can be unwieldy and expensive, and can hamstring IT Help Desk Managers – especially when it comes to supporting activities with inconsistent resource demands.

We will develop a program to take over day-to-day operations and provide incremental improvements to your processes, ensuring the greatest leverage of your investments in people and technology. By assuming responsibility for staffing and management of the IT Help Desk, we will provide your firm with:

  • A methodology and a migration plan for transparent cut over
  • Optimization of existing people, processes, and technology
  • Managed staffing to address needs for planned projects and/or seasonal incident volume
  • Recommendations for cost effective innovations to support your IT and business objectives
  • Improved quality of service, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Reduced operating costs

Let us help you address the complex issues that you face every day as you run your IT Help Desk. We provide outstanding value to clients in the areas of workforce management, information technology, and business strategy. So whether you feel the pain of agent staffing or managing your help desk team, or you are considering outsourcing your entire help desk, we have a solution worth discussing. 

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