Harness the power of your data.

Businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to the Fortune 500, are confronting a similar challenge: the exponential growth of data that must be stored and protected while remaining instantly accessible to users. It’s easy to over-invest in storage, buying too much, too soon, creating unutilized capacity. Or worse, under-invest, and potentially lose irreplaceable data or provide a grindingly slow experience for employees and customers.

We can help. We will show you how the latest storage technologies can provide secure, cost-effective storage that maximizes your investment. We’ll help you build a fast storage solution that’s accessible to all of your users, regardless of location. And because our solutions are easier to manage and make the most of your hardware investments, you’ll see results where they matter most: at your bottom line.

Lower Cost for Higher Performance

It might seem counter-intuitive, but a new storage solution can lower your Total Cost of Ownership substantially, while your users enjoy faster access to the data they need. You will get greater storage performance and value while paying less.

Here are just a few of the ways that a storage solution designed by Siwel will deliver measurable results:

  • Reduce your data center footprint by 50%
  • Boost storage utilization by 200%
  • Increase storage system performance by up to 400%
  • Achieve ROI of up to 166%

Cloud-Ready Storage

Because of the inherent cost savings and performance improvements associated with virtual servers, more organizations are migrating to a cloud-computing environment. This is the perfect time to re-evaluate your data storage strategy. We can show you how to seamlessly integrate a new storage solution into your private, hybrid and/or public clouds so that your data is always available quickly and securely. We can also show you how to bring the efficiencies inherent in a cloud computing environment to your storage, including easier management, faster provisioning, and more – all with a much smaller physical footprint.

Partners Who Deliver

In order to achieve the full benefits of a virtualized storage solution, you need industry-leading technology implemented by people who understand where you are and where you are going. We have worked with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, and NetApp on storage implementations for companies of all sizes. Our history of delivering measurable competitive advantage has proven that we can exceed our clients’ objectives – from both technical and business perspectives.

Siwel is a Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, and NetApp Platinum Partner – one of the "go-to" consultants in the New York area – with extensive experience in delivering maximum business benefits. As a foremost expert in virtualization, no company is more capable of delivering the advantages of cloud computing and virtual storage than we are. With a "consultants-first" approach, we carefully evaluate your existing IT investments in the context of your key business objectives, and recommend the smartest, most cost-effective path to reaching your strategic goals.

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