Siwel has been providing Supply Chain Services to enterprise clients for almost 20 years. Our clients have consistently derived value from the uncommon knowledge and responsiveness of the Siwel team, which eliminates uncertainty and administrative headaches from the IT asset procurement and delivery process.  Siwel provides value for our clients through the following services:

“Concierge” Services

Siwel is a single point of contact for the procurement and delivery of IT assets to our clients. Our Supply Chain Services team has an average of more than 10 years of experience managing the day-to-day supply of IT assets for Siwel clients. Siwel provides one-stop service in the following areas:

  • Server bill of materials and configurations
  • Order placement
  • Shipping arrangements and tracking to ensure reliable, on-time delivery
  • Expediting shipments to meet tight deadlines
  • Communications conduit between client, distributor, warehouse and parts manufacturer
  • Problem resolution

Premier Distribution

Product is supplied to our clients through Arrow Electronics, Inc., the premier global provider of products and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise IT solutions. Siwel partners with Arrow to fulfill the client’s need for quick, reliable delivery of equipment configured specifically for them, whenever and wherever it is needed.  Siwel’s strong relationship with Arrow ensures consistent availability of product to each client’s precise specifications, even in the event of an occasional unforeseen inventory or distribution issue.  

Because of our large and long-standing relationship with Arrow, we are able to escalate any supply issue that may arise to resolve it quickly and seamlessly, without most of the usual hassles that a high-volume client could face. Most shipment and delivery “hiccups” are transparent to our clients.

Client Product Catalogues

The Siwel team learns the specific needs and buying patterns for each client, which enables them to create highly accurate, rolling demand forecasts each week.  In some cases, we have even maintained a catalog of SKUs specific to key clients, which they then can access directly or through a third-party e-commerce system.  This gives each client the unique ability to order products configured for their specific environment with virtually the same availability and reliable delivery as would be expected from a catalogue of regular stock SKUs.

Dedicated Inventory 

Because the Siwel Supply Chain Services team is able to move swiftly up the learning curve to understand client needs and buying patterns, in some cases we can maintain a dedicated inventory of components for the client.  This inventory is reviewed and adjusted weekly based on a forecasting call between the client’s procurement professionals and systems engineers with the Siwel team, ensuring high availability and quick order-delivery turnaround. Maintaining this inventory of dedicated components ensures that we meet, and often exceed, our service level agreements for procurement and delivery of IT equipment for our clients.

Standard and Customized Reporting

Siwel creates and distributes two summary reports to each client on a weekly basis, as well as custom inventory, order, tracking and delivery reports on demand. Each client is provided with the following reports:

  • ORDER STATUS REPORT – Summarizes all orders currently in process, including PO numbers, product model numbers, serial numbers, shipping status, etc. 
  • INVENTORY REPORT – Summarizes the current dedicated inventory of components maintained by Siwel for custom client systems.
  • CUSTOM REPORTS ON-DEMAND – Siwel has the ability to produce customized inventory, shipment and historical reports based on the day-to-day needs of each client. For example, we are able to create a report of all model numbers or serial numbers for systems delivered to the client for any historical time period.

Product Research

Siwel saves time and hassles for our clients through our custom research services.  For example: When a client requires parts to keep an older piece of equipment in service, Siwel researches the specific part numbers required and identifies the best source for timely and cost-effective delivery. Ordinary requests for these services are fulfilled as part of our regular service arrangement with each client.

RMA Management

Because of the custom nature of each client’s equipment, the quality components used in their custom SKUs, the commitment of our premier distribution partner and Siwel’s strong on-time delivery record, RMAs are infrequent. However, when they are necessary, Siwel manages all RMAs for our clients. The client simply provides Siwel with all relevant information on the RMA, and the dedicated Supply Chain Services team at Siwel handles all communication with our distributor, shipping arrangements, and status reporting back to the client.

The Process:  Weekly Cadence, Daily Contact

Siwel’s management of each client’s supply chain is typically anchored by a weekly call with the client’s procurement and systems engineering professionals to review the status of all existing orders and discuss the forecast of system needs for the next 7-10 days. Contact between the Siwel and client teams as well as between Siwel and Arrow occurs continuously, with daily contact to discuss issues related to purchasing, configurations, quotes, forecasts, RMAs and special needs.

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