Workforce Solutions

In many industries, new technologies and tools are replacing experienced professionals for making key business decisions. Siwel_Capabilities.jpg But even with all the latest recruiting technology, it takes an experienced professional to identify the best job candidates – a recruiter that recognizes strengths that don’t show up as lines on a resume, like integrity and passion. The recruiter must also understand the position requirements and the employer’s environment, including the subtle differences from department to department, even manager to manager. By all these measures, Siwel delivers. 

Experience, Technology, Insight

The recruitment professionals at Siwel average more than 12 years of experience identifying outstanding people and placing them in key positions. Siwel’s Workforce Management team helps our clients create flexible work environments to meet their changing staffing needs – the right mix of temporary and permanent staff, so clients are better able to weather economic volatility while continuing to drive their business forward. We use cutting edge recruiting technology to identify the most talented candidates – but we also invest the time to listen, so that we fully understand employer needs and can provide candidates that are a strong fit.

Quality, Efficiency, Value

Siwel understands client needs and enhances workforce quality, efficiency and value by:

• Decreasing time-to-hire
• Providing flexible staffing options to better manage HR costs
• Decreasing administrative overhead by reducing both management time and hiring expenses
• Enabling the client to dynamically increase or decrease staffing numbers according to business needs

Finding Top Candidates

The Siwel Professional Recruitment team taps a wide range of sources to find candidates who meet exacting standards. Because our recruiters maintain relationships with top performers throughout their careers, our results are better and our recruitment cycle is shorter, lowering delivery cost. Each candidate is thoroughly vetted via electronic background checks and personal interviews before being presented to the client.

Siwel_Placements.jpgTwenty Years of Great People

Siwel has placed top professionals in nearly every industry, including telecommunications, banking/finance, accounting, legal, health care, publishing and advertising, as well as with U.S. government agencies and contractors. Some examples include:

Accountant for $multi-billion IT services client
Administrative Assistant for a Fortune 50 client
Business Analyst for top global professional services firm
Business Project Manager for a government prime contractor
Customer Service Representative for a large telecommunications client
Procurement Contract Administrator for a major U.S. Defense contractor
Staff Accountant for a $60 million business services firm
Social Media/Web Support Specialist for a Fortune 50 technology firm
Sr. Network Data Communications Analyst for a large U.S. Defense contractor
Sr. Systems Administrator for a major NY City medical center



Siwel is a proud member of the TechServe Alliance.