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Since our founding in 1992, Siwel has provided exceptional, cost-effective IT solutions for our customers based on our unique holistic approach, industry-leading technical proficiency, iron-clad vendor partnerships and team of professionals who share an uncommon passion for excellence. Through this collective experience, we have developed our own “great perception of future developments” – a unique vision of what The Next Generation of IT will look like.Siwel Consulting NYC IT

Siwel designs and builds IT infrastructures and processes that are in full alignment with critical business objectives, with innovation and simple execution as priorities. We have developed our “Next Generation” IT model to provide end-to-end solutions that deliver essential applications and data where they are needed, when they are needed, via the most efficient and secure data center, end user and cloud infrastructures. Innovation combined with precise execution of architecture, tools and processes are the key elements of the Siwel vision. Our focus on our clients’ business drivers, our desire to leverage existing IT assets to the greatest extent possible, and our “gap-oriented” approach set a Siwel Next Generation IT environment apart from others.

Siwel implements this vision for each environment based on the client’s specific business objectives and IT assets already in place. Our approach is truly consultative; before we can begin to discuss the parameters of a custom IT solution, we listen for answers to some key questions:

  • What are the critical business objectives?
  • How well do existing resources, processes and technologies support these business objectives?
  • What are the gaps in IT that impede achievement of these business objectives?
  • What current client IT assets can be retained and re-used?
  • Is data and information management currently an asset or a liability?
  • Can your most important data be seamlessly retrieved for multiple uses?
  • What cultural and legacy IT decisions need to be reconsidered?
  • Is evolution or revolution a more acceptable approach to IT development?

As we get deeper into discussions with each client about their business objectives and IT needs, conversations almost always develop around the need to increase capabilities, enhance SLAs, improve overall efficiency, reduce costs and/or mitigate risk in one of three key parts of their IT architecture to create their Next Generation of IT:

The Next Generation of IT overcomes business challenges and provides capabilities that were nearly unthinkable only a very short time ago. Whether we are engaged to build out or transform a data center infrastructure, the end user experience or a cloud implementation, or elegantly tie it all together, Siwel develops and deploys solutions with an eye always on where IT is going. Our unique holistic approach ensures alignment with business objectives, improves overall efficiency, reduces risk, lowers costs, and positions clients to meet their business objectives for years to come.

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