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Next Generation in the Cloud

Siwel Consulting Next Generation ITIn the Next Generation IT environment, end user computing demands, more comprehensive and demanding service level agreements and other factors combine to accelerate the pace of play for all aspects of IT. It can be a daunting task to meet business goals and directives using only existing in-house investments in technology and resources. Existing assets must be leveraged to build out a customized cloud solution, within or outside the data center.As a Next Generation solution provider, Siwel builds modular on-site infrastructures on a solid virtualized platform, and also fulfills the role of intermediary (“broker”) between a company’s on-premise private cloud and the offerings of validated (off-site) cloud providers. We offer off-site private and public offerings that best suit enterprise demands and roadmaps as well as interoperability and security. In The Next Generation of IT, migration to the cloud is a phased process, rather than one that requires heavy lifting.

The Next Generation of IT includes 3 categories of cloud, each offering robust solutions to drive your company closer to the ultimate goal: offering IT as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). They are characterized as follows:

Private On-Site Cloud: Rapid deployment of integrated and pretested compute, storage, and network components into a single architecture that scales to fit a variety of customer environments based on validated designs. Choice, efficiencies and control are landmark benefits leveraged through the symphony of technologies Siwel deploys for cloud solutions that increase efficiency and reduce business risk.

Private Off-Site Cloud: A modular cloud offering built to match your internal cloud, in order to leverage the growing capabilities of component manufacturers such as VMware, NetApp, Cisco and IBM. A private off-site cloud enables powerful movement and management of workloads, multiple users and dedicated resource pool architectures.

Public Off-Site Cloud: Same as the Private Off-Site Cloud, but in a shared environment to maximize elasticity and immediate growth possibilities. Web-based access enables easy-to-use compute capacity with no minimum commitments. The Next Generation cloud will help your company harness some of the efficiencies offered by off-premise cloud computing providers like our partner, Terremark. IT challenges like disaster recovery, new workloads resulting from future business growth, and spike computing/storage demands can be addressed via a hybrid cloud model (internal cloud augmented by an external cloud). Siwel has found that in order to maintain proper SLAs, security and compliance, and retain IT intellectual property, firms are maintaining a solid internal virtualized infrastructure that facilitates proper management and use of external cloud resources.

Remote Site Monitoring & Management: In the Next Generation cloud, remote site monitoring and management solutions enable companies to receive a constant real-time stream of data from a variety of devices on the network – including servers, networking hardware and end user devices – while allowing remote management of these devices.

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