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Siwel Consulting Next Generation ITDiscovery and due diligence with our clients typically begin in the data center, where our focus is on creating a highly efficient, virtualized server and storage infrastructure. Siwel analyzes patterns of behavior, demand and response to establish a baseline of requirements – then we look beyond to paint a picture of all that is truly possible.We transform this vision into reality by building customized, modular solutions using “best-of-breed” products from industry-leading partners, including IBM, NetApp, VMware and more than a dozen other IT innovators. Building partnerships with these high caliber companies works best for both Siwel and our customers. Every Siwel technology partner shares our commitment to battle-tested, unified infrastructures that offer the latest capabilities and can be deployed simply, with minimal risk and predictable, positive results.To define the Next Generation data center, Siwel focuses on 5 key components of data center infrastructure that must work together seamlessly to maximize efficiency, reduce cost and mitigate risk:

Storage and Data Management: Next Generation storage solutions must be easy to implement and accessible to all users, regardless of location, and incorporate enhanced data management methods and techniques, including deduplication, tiering, instant recovery and virtual tape libraries (VTLs).

Server Infrastructure: Next Generation server infrastructure must be reliable and flexible, and incorporate as much of the client’s existing infrastructure and preferences as possible into any new solution.

Virtualization: In the Next Generation data center the efficiencies inherent in a virtualized environment are essential elements. Virtualization enables the services layer to be decoupled from the infrastructure and allows for more agile applications.

IT Asset Management: Until recently IT Asset Management was relatively easy, due to the 1:1 ratio of software to servers. Today there are usually many software instances on each physical server. The Next Generation data center must include a comprehensive IT Asset Management program that combines timely, accurate business intelligence with excellent business analytics, to support better business decisions.

Professional Staffing: In the Next Generation data center IT staff is agile, flexible and technically superior. The working environment is characterized by reduced operating and capital expenses and can adapt quickly to new business opportunities.

There is an accelerating trend toward faster, lower risk deployment of new or enhanced data center solutions through the use of optimized, elastic, custom-sized modules, or “pods.” These bundled solutions consist of compatible, field-tested components for core data center operations (server, storage, virtualization, switches/connectivity) as well as for other data center functionalities, like cloud enablement.

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