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Next Generation End User Computing

Siwel Consulting Next Generation ITThe Next Generation of IT includes a proliferation of ever-more-capable end user devices – desktops, thin/zero clients, laptops, pads, smart phones, etc. Companies are challenged to better understand how each employee uses his/her devices, as well as how to segregate personal from business use for the purpose of managing the organization’s IT resources. Bandwidth issues can arise and must be addressed. Companies make it a high priority to provide the same consistent, reliable, secure experience for each end user, regardless of the device being used or its physical location. These factors combine to increase management complexity and support costs.VMware products allow the endpoint to be irrelevant, so it becomes easier to deliver a nearly identical experience across multiple devices. The remaining challenges for Next Generation end user computing are security and user profile management. While this type of consistent, secure end user computing was at one time simply a “nice to have,” it is rapidly becoming mission-critical. All these issues must be addressed to create a rich, consistent end user experience.

User Interface / GUI: The new paradigm for end user computing ensures that each user has the same full-featured, trouble-free view (GUI) and experience from all devices. In The Next Generation of IT, all authorized applications and data, work-related and personal, must be accessible from home, workplace and mobile devices, without compromising the security of company systems or information. The default condition places the “desktop” icons in the same position on each device, accessible via the same process and with the same passwords, etc.

Security: In the Next Generation data center users are categorized into power users, task users and mobile users. As solution provider, Siwel helps clients provide anytime, anywhere access to only those critical applications and data that each user requires, maintaining total control over access and use. Company data and systems are secure regardless of the method or device used for access, and each authorized end user has access whenever and wherever they need it.

Profile Management: In a Next Generation environment, analysis tools are used to gather and evaluate how each employee uses his/her devices, then segregate personal from business use for the purpose of managing the organization’s IT resources. Personal and non-essential data is segregated from mission-critical and proprietary company data and applications, to create a storage structure that is more efficient, cost-effective and secure, while enabling end users to maintain access to company and personal information via a single, comprehensive interface.

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