BDNABDNA provides the most comprehensive, accurate view into an organization’s IT infrastructure in order to drive critical IT processes and projects around data centers, desktops and enterprise architecture. BDNA discovers and transforms data into business-relevant information required to accelerate corporate initiatives.

Technopedia, the world’s largest catalog of IT product information on more than 90,000 enterprise IT products with more than 14 million market data points, helps more than 350 companies dramatically increase their IT visibility.


BDNA Solutions areas include:

  • Data-As-A-Service:Leveraging BDNA Technopedia, BDNA delivers solutions to address key enterprise processes that rely upon comprehensive and up-to-date information about the IT market
      • Enterprise Architecture: Deliver real-time information to drive business value and fact-based decisions into your enterprise architecture models
    • Sourcing: Feed your sourcing solutions with the most current and accurate repository of IT market data to ensure what you buy can be reconciled with what is deployed
    • Data Normalization:The best business outcomes are driven by decisions made upon high quality information. BDNA Normalize maximizes the value of your existing operational data to accelerate strategic initiatives
        • Windows 7 Migration: Get clarity on the hardware and software deployed across your desktops in preparation for Windows 7 with BDNA Normalize
        • SCCM Normalization: Unlock the strategic value of your Microsoft SCCM deployment by getting normalized hardware and software visibility with BDNA
      • Vendor Audit: Align your software inventory to BDNA Technopedia to have a concise picture of your deployment and defend against vendor audits
  • Enterprise Discovery:The most simple question – “what do we have?” – is often the most difficult to answer. With BDNA Discover’s patented enterprise discovery solution, you will never be in the dark about the hardware and software that makes up your IT estate
      • Consolidation: Quickly and easily determine prime targets for consolidation and monitor the progress over time with BDNA Discover
      • License Compliance: Discover the complete breath of software deployment to improve your software asset management strategies
    • Cyber Security: Find the holes in your security strategy with BDNA Discover and integrate with McAfee Enterprise Policy Orchestrator for a complete security picture

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