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Riverbed Gold Partner Riverbed Technology is the IT performance company for networks, applications, and storage. Riverbed® provides the only comprehensive WAN optimization solutions to a host of problems that prevent enterprises from sharing applications and data across wide-area networks anywhere in the world.Companies use Riverbed WAN optimization solutions to transform their business, accelerate applications, improve productivity, and cut costs. Our solutions offer virtualization, faster WAN backup, and bandwidth optimization, enabling businesses to leverage their IT infrastructure in ways they never imagined.



WAN Optimization: Riverbed WAN Optimization solutions helps customers to scale their existing bandwidth and realize more performance and control. They can enjoy up to 20X more effective capacity and accelerate enterprise applications up to 50X. Customers have transformed their WANs from bottlenecks into enablers for where they want to go.

Cloud: If customers want to build a private cloud or leverage public cloud offerings, Riverbed solutions can help them realize all the promised benefits and avoid all the performance pitfalls. They can migrate quickly to their dream of cloud servers and storage, and simplify their service delivery around the world.

Consolidation & Virtualization: Our customers have a strategic vision of a better world, where consolidation and server & desktop virtualization have dramatically reduced their IT costs and impressively increased their results. Riverbed solutions give customers the performance they need to get their infrastructure there.

Disaster Recovery: Customers can protect more data, more often, and recover faster with Riverbed solutions. They can backup their branch office data, replicate between their data centers, and build the business continuity plan they need to minimize risk of data loss and downtime. Our customers can start enjoying the simple economics of cloud storage, too.

Application Performance: Our customers can accelerate their enterprise applications and increase their business productivity globally, with Riverbed solutions for high performance file sharing, email, web, ERP, CRM, CAD, and many more. They can improve collaboration and communication in their organization with high quality voice and video delivery.

Visibility & Management: Visibility helps customers understand their enterprise IT infrastructure at a glance, analysis lets customers drill down to identify and resolve issues fast, and control enables customers to manage performance everywhere. Riverbed solutions combine these to empower customers like never before.

Cost Savings: Customers can streamline their IT infrastructure, boost business performance, and control costs with Riverbed solutions. Customers can reduce network bandwidth costs, realize economies of scale with consolidation and virtualization, and leverage the cloud to pay for only what they need, only when they need it. As a result, customers can achieve a payback in months, and show an amazing ROI.

Branch Office Consolidation: Customers can consolidate servers and storage to their data center or the cloud without compromising performance. They can virtualize branch office services to reduce their distributed IT footprint into a Riverbed “branch office in a box” solution. They can roll out desktop virtualization to standardize and simplify. All this and still satisfy even their most demanding workers, anywhere in the world.

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