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Dell WyseWhat is Cloud Client Computing? Cloud Client Computing is the ultimate client computing solution for our time.It replaces the outdated computing model of the unsecure, unreliable, un-green and expensive PC. Cloud Client Computing delivers the security, reliability, and user experience with the lowest energy usage and total cost of ownership. Cloud Client Computing simply connects all the dots: Cloud client software, hardware and services. Wyse provides its customers and partners with the broadest and deepest portfolio of Cloud Clients, including Thin, Zero and Cloud PC clients, supported by the leading cloud, virtualization and management software suites in the industry. Wyse independently partners with all of the leading data center, networking and collaboration solution providers within its global partner ecosystem to help organizations and people reach the clouds – in a private, public, government or, even in a personal cloud. Wyse’s mission is to enable any user, anywhere, to connect to any content via any app in any work environment without constraints, conflicts or compromises.

Wyse believes that Cloud Client Computing not only drives better economic and productivity results for organizations, but, also drives societal change throughout the world. Cloud Client Computing reduces the cost, eliminates the complexity and enables the reach of computing to the next six billion users via billions of devices pervasive in every aspect of our lives.

Cloud Client Computing is a journey to real freedom. T he freedom we have been waiting for to eliminate the complexity, risk and cost of the out-dated computing model centered around the PC and its ecosystem. Cloud Client Computing effortlessly brings all components of this freedom together: It’s software. It’s hardware. It’s services. It’s in business. It’s at home. It‘s on the go. It gives you the ultimate freedom – so you can focus on what is important.

So; just say !

Welcome to Wyse Cloud Client Computing

Wyse cloud client computing includes the hardware, software and services to ensure your cloud computing or desktop virtualization environment delivers the maximum results in security, performance, reliability, flexibility, scalability, experience and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings (both in OPEX and CAPEX) with the lowest possible energy usage.

Visit www.wyse.com to learn more!

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