Siwel Overview

Siwel Consulting, Inc. brings together industry-leading expertise in the three areas that drive IT: Hardware, Software and People. By using the latest technology, effectively managing hardware and software assets and streamlining system management, we increase overall organizational effectiveness and deliver greater efficiencies in each of these areas.

Our Vision: Next Generation IT

Since our founding in 1992, Siwel has provided exceptional, cost-effective IT solutions for our customers based on our unique holistic approach, industry-leading technical proficiency, iron-clad vendor partnerships and team of professionals who share an uncommon passion for excellence. Through this collective experience, we have developed our own “great perception of future developments” – a unique vision of what The Next Generation of IT will look like.

Siwel Partner Overview

A Siwel partner is truly an ally dedicated to helping us provide you with the people, processes and technology you need to achieve your business objectives. Strong partnerships with the most important innovators in IT enable us to deliver the most current, most reliable and most cost-effective IT solutions. Accordingly, we partner with some of the world’s best-known and most successful innovators in information technology – and we stay partners. Siwel was one of the first companies in North America to implement virtualization solutions, and has earned the highest level of partner status with the leading companies in virtualization, storage, hardware and software.

IT Infrastructure

Virtualization Solutions

Siwel Consulting can take you from where you are to where you want to be. We were one of VMware’s first North American partners and have been building virtualized server environments for more than a decade. Today, Siwel is a VMware Premier Partner and a VMware Authorized Consultant – one of the few companies in the world to hold both distinctions – with recognized competencies in Business Continuity, Infrastructure Virtualization and Desktop Virtualization.

Desktop Virtualization

Providing up-to-date, secure computing desktops to hundreds or thousands of users across multiple locations used to be an extremely daunting, labor-intensive task. But today, with virtualized desktops based on VMware technology, tailored to your specific needs by Siwel Consulting, what was once a monumental challenge can be accomplished with just a few mouse clicks.

Storage Solutions

Businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to the Fortune 500, are confronting a similar challenge: the exponential growth of data that must be stored and protected while remaining instantly accessible to users. It’s easy to over-invest in storage, buying too much, too soon, creating unutilized capacity. Or worse, under-invest, and potentially lose irreplaceable data or provide a grindingly slow experience for employees and customers.

Professional Services

Siwel’s customers gain superior business benefits from their information technology investments. Our experienced engineers, technicians and project managers use the latest technology and industry best practices to help companies like yours achieve greater profitability, improved operational efficiency and enhanced business agility.

IT Asset Management

ITAM Overview Brochure

Siwel Consulting has been designing and implementing IT asset management programs for more than 14 years. Our analysts at the ITAM Center of Excellence understand that a successful program must combine timely, accurate business intelligence with strong business analytics – capabilities that only come with experience. We call on this experience every day to reduce hardware and software expenditures, mitigate compliance risk, manage audits and changing vendor metrics, and close gaps in managing the asset life cycle.

ITAM Contract Advisory

In the world of software contracts, it is critical to understand vendor licensing metrics, your software license entitlements and actual usage so that you are in a position of power in contract negotiations and audits. This knowledge will enable you to optimize your software contracts and get the most for your money. Like the real estate attorney, Siwel Contract Advisory Services can step in and help.

ITAM Managed Services

Siwel’s ITAM Managed Services offering provides organizations with an easy, proven solution for effective IT Asset Management. The solution seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure and workflow and requires no investment in tools or hardware, which greatly simplifies rollout and adoption. Outsourcing your ITAM program to Siwel offloads your ITAM burden while significantly lowering your IT Asset Management expenses.

ITAM Program Development

Using proven “best practices,” Siwel’s ITAM Program Development Services provide solutions that deliver value and can easily adapt to changes in market forces and technologies. Our ITAM Program Development offering consists of a 5-Phase methodology that begins with a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s existing ITAM program, and ends with deployment and activation of a turnkey ITAM program designed, deployed and run using internal resources or as a cloud-enabled managed service.

ITAM Program Development: Phase 1: Current State Assessment

The ITAM Program Development process begins with an extensive due diligence effort to gain insight into the current state of IT Asset Management in the organization – the people, processes and technologies involved from requisition to decommission of each asset type. The output of this effort is a document containing current state processes and workflows, individual roles and responsibilities, and features and functionalities of tools currently in use.

ITAM Program Developement: Phase 2: Analysis and Findings

It is Phase 2 that most differentiates the Siwel ITAM solution from all others. An experienced team of Siwel experts takes a “deep dive” into the data, tools and processes uncovered during the Current State Assessment, then identifies and documents inefficiencies, gaps, redundancies and risks in the current processes, technologies and staff. The output of Phase 2 is a document containing these findings along with analysis of the causes, actual and potential impacts of these program shortcomings, and opportunities for cost savings.

ITAM Program Developement: Phase 3: Future State Roadmap or Design

The objective of this phase is to provide an in-depth understanding of how to close the gaps and eliminate the risks to achieve the desired future state ITAM program. Siwel leverages current best practices and technologies to reduce overall program costs and minimize impact on day-to-day operations. Siwel’s ITAM Program Development methodology includes a choice of two options for Phase 3: Future State Roadmap or Design, depending on how much detail your organization requires.

ITAM Program Developement: Phase 4: Solution Deployment

Implementing the Future State Design from Phase 3 is a complex initiative that impacts day-to-day operations as well as many interdepartmental interactions and relationships within the organization. Many clients continue to engage Siwel to turn their Future State Design into a fully functional IT Asset Management program – on premise or through a secure private cloud.

ITAM Program Developement: Phase 5: Steady State Operations

Even after deployment in Phase 4, establishing and maintaining a consistently effective IT Asset Management program is highly complex, and requires a balanced combination of people, processes and technology. With battle-tested expertise in establishing and operating state-of-the-art ITAM programs, Siwel ensures that your ITAM program is running smoothly and all processes are being followed. Siwel can also deliver your ITAM program as a cloud-enabled managed service.

Workforce Solutions

Staffing and Contingent Workforce Services

Siwel understands that it takes more than cutting edge hardware and software to help businesses succeed. It takes a team of dedicated professionals across multiple disciplines with more than just great functional knowledge – men and women with superior leadership and communication skills, unquestioned integrity and, above all, a passion for excellence.

IT Help Desk Solutions

IT Help Desk Managers face the great challenges of finding the best people and fostering a productive work environment in the face of escalating pressures to cut costs by reducing head count, increasing productivity with a smaller staff and minimizing business risk. Our flexible and affordable IT Help Desk Solutions help organizations address these complex issues, fully aligning your Help Desk with your business and IT objectives.