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The Prescription for a Painless Audit
For the past several years, software audits have been on the rise. Some ITAM organizations have admitted to spending as much as 50-75% of their time annually on audits!

This whitepaper will review how software publishers select their customers for audits. We identify the triggers, and tell you how to prevent them. Read our recommendations for managing the preparation and the actual audit process, providing the “prescription” for preventing an audit, or for ensuring that an unavoidable audit runs smoothly and painlessly.

The People Factor: How to Make Your ITAM Tools More Productive
This white paper will examine how to approach a new ITAM tool implementation from a people perspective. It will describe the roles, responsibilities and skills required to help organizations realize the maximum return on investment (ROI) from their tools.

Building the New Business Case for ITAM
Many IT Asset Managers wish to improve their ITAM programs; however they struggle with obtaining executive buy-in, sponsorship and funding to make this happen.

This white paper will guide you through the steps an IT Asset Manager must take to generate a new, more compelling business case for ITAM.

Your ITAM Program: To Outsource, or Not to Outsource?
Outsourcing, defined as the contracting of a business process to a third party, is becoming increasingly popular in the IT industry. By outsourcing functions or tasks where they lack some of the necessary skills or expertise, companies are able to focus better and optimize performance in their core competencies.

This white paper uncovers other compelling reasons why outsourcing may be right for your organization.

The ITAM Dream Team: How to Build and Maintain It
How can assembling the 1992 U.S. Olympic Basketball Dream Team be compared with building your internal IT Asset Management (ITAM) organization? Both situations demonstrate the importance of putting professionals in place rather than amateurs when you are seeking the best outcome. Your company will realize its organizational and financial goals more quickly when you hire professionals. Experience matters with respect to your ITAM organization.

What are the components of an ITAM Dream Team, and how do you build and maintain it?

Software Licensing “Gotchas” and How to Manage Them
Today’s technology industry is characterized by revolutionary changes that are frequent and rapid. These changes impact how hardware is sold and software is licensed by all the major suppliers. Software publishers have responded by implementing new license models and metrics that are increasingly complex, creating a significant challenge for organizations to keep up and remain compliant with their license entitlements. What is the result? Software licensing complexities and nuances that we call “gotchas!”

This white paper illustrate software licensing “gotchas,” and what your organization can do to manage them.

Next Generation ITAM in the Cloud: Business Intelligence and Analytics as a Service
Business Intelligence commonly refers to tools and their output, while Business Analytics is about people and the analysis they perform on the data derived from the tools. It is the combination of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics that provides your organization with detailed information on your IT assets and facilitates the best decisions for your business.

This white paper will help unravel the multifaceted process of incorporating Business Intelligence and Analytics into your company’s ITAM program.

Beyond Tools: Business Intelligence Meets Analytics
Many ITAM programs do not provide the Business Intelligence organizations need to make important decisions about their IT assets. A successful ITAM strategy must go beyond tools, to a comprehensive program that includes a structured methodology, accurate business intelligence and the analytics necessary to support effective business decisions about your IT assets. Together, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics can provide all the knowledge you need about how you are managing and optimizing your IT assets, giving you the ability to make the best ITAM decisions for your organization.

This white paper discusses the importance of a combination of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics, and how to incorporate both into your ITAM Program.


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“Software Licensing “Gotchas””
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“Surviving Software Audits”
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December 2009’s Issue of IAITAM’s ITAK Magazine
“Putting the Puzzle Together: IBM’s Answer to Managing Server Virtualization”
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