If you're looking for answers to your SAM questions, you've come to the right place. Below you'll find a list of answers to the questions that our SAM experts are asked most. If you have a question that isn't listed here, or if you'd like to speak with one of our friendly Siwel SAM pros, please feel free to contact us

Q1: I've just been given the role of SAM Manager and do not know where to start - can you help?

A: This happens more often that you may think, with many companies starting a SAM Program in this way. Siwel’s website has a great deal of information that is intended to assist users who are new to Software Asset Management – please see our webinars, whitepapers and blogs. In addition, Siwel has successfully helped many organizations “get started” with their IT Asset Management initiatives – understanding the processes in place and that need to be added, identifying the publishers that carry the most risk of non-compliance and audit, as well as helping select tools and training. See our complete list of SAM services listed HERE.

Q2: I've been contacted by one of our software publishers who have said they are going to audit us, can Siwel help prevent that happening?

A: It is highly unlikely that an actual audit can be prevented – but sometimes the “threat” of an audit is just used as a negotiating tactic. In most cases, your contract contains terms that specify what audit rights the publisher has and the Siwel team can help you determine what the impact to your organization is and how to prepare for and defend against any audits, as described HERE.

Q3: We have invested in a new SAM tool but we have yet to get it working correctly. Is this something Siwel can help us with?

A: This is a common issue and Siwel has helped many organizations in this regard. A tool investment is often mistaken for a “silver bullet” solution to SAM problems – but just deploying a tool is not enough. The tool must be properly configured and data has to be prepared, uploaded, mapped to other data points and optimized before an organization will see any initial value from their investment. Siwel has hands on experience with a number of tools and has helped many organizations prepare and deploy their tools successfully through the Tools Optimization Services, as described HERE.

Q4: Although we have over a year before our current contract expires, one of our largest software publishers has just offered us a new deal that they say offers better value for us - how do we know if we should accept it?

A: Contracts are complex and the true value offered for multiple products across multiple years can often be difficult to discern. Siwel’s team of contract specialists has over 100 years of experience from the perspective of publishers, enterprise clients and auditors, and will help analyze the key terms, costs and value of your contract. See HERE for more details about Siwel’s Contract Advisory services.

Q5: We have invested in tools and have some data but we are still struggling to meet KPIs or validate data for renewals or contract negotiations - is there anything you can do to help?

A: Organizations that have invested in tools and licensing expertise but still struggle to demonstrate efficiencies or respond to audit or contract demands typically have an opportunity to improve their core SAM processes. Siwel’s ITAM Program Assessment, as described HERE, will provide insights into the current processes, identify gaps and risks, and options for future enhancements.

Q6: We do not have any tools in place that cover our entire environment, can you recommend one?

A: As part of a Tools Optimization project, the Siwel team would work with internal resources to determine your organization's specific requirements and identify which of the leading tools may be a good fit for your needs. Many of the major tool vendors are partners with Siwel and we have hands-on experience with them and so can help with vendor introductions, proof-of-concepts, configuration, data upload and license optimization. You can find more details about the services HERE.

Q7: We have a contract renewal coming up for one of our big software publishers but are struggling to validate the deployment in our data center. Can you suggest anything that will help us?

A:  Organizations need good quality data to do IT Asset Management well. The output from different tools can vary considerably and may be incomplete, so piecing together all of the information into a single cohesive dataset and make sense of the results can take time and may require some extensive licensing knowledge. Siwel’s Software License Position service is designed to assist customers with their data and map their deployments to entitlements, as described HERE.