Perhaps you have struggled to find sufficient resources to manage your ITAM Program or perhaps there are areas where you have lost in-house expertise and this has had an impact on the ability of the team to be effective. There is another option to taking on the burden of locating, onboarding and training more full-time subject matter experts - Siwel’s Lifecycle Management Services.

The Siwel team would supplement your existing resources and take on the tasks that are deemed most challenging and allow you to leverage their own expertise and industry best practices for the benefit of your organization for any publishers and throughout the entire asset lifecycle - be that day-to-day operations, license management, contract support, vendor management, tool implementation/support, training or process improvement.

As part of this solution, our Lifecycle Management Services team can:

  • Lifecycle_Management_Services.pngMaximize software investments, minimize risk and exposures, and reduce software spend by centralizing the licensing and deployment process.

  • Validate software licenses, usage and rights through order process and discovery data

  • Track software licenses through their lifecycle

  • Determine compliance position and maintain an entitlement baseline

  • Manage internal financial activities such as “chargebacks” or “showbacks”

  • Harvest and reallocate unused software

  • Generate reports on real-time license usage, cost and allocation

  • Identify opportunities for cost avoidance and potential risk or compliance issues

  • Support audit preparation and readiness

  • Standardize and centralize SAM processes to facilitate structured management and accurate reporting on software

  • Support license management tools

We tailor our support to your strategic objectives and ensure that you get the maximum return on your ITAM investment through control, optimization and service.

If you wish to speak with someone directly about this service, send us an e-mail or call us at 212-691-9326, x280.

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