Oracle is unquestionably one of the leading licensors of enterprise software in the US. However, Oracle also has one of the most complex and arduous systems for licensing its software, creating a potential source of financial risk from a compliance perspective.   

  • Are you confident that your Oracle agreements include the most favorable terms and conditions?
  • Do you know your compliance position with Oracle?
  • Do you know all of the current and alternative licensing options for the products you use?

If your response to any of these questions is “no,” then Siwel can help. Siwel provides Software License Position and Contract Advisory Services to help you avoid unnecessary costs and get the most out of your Oracle software investment.

Software License Position (Internal Audit)

Siwel provides Software License Position (SLP) services that help organizations conduct self-audits to maximize their license utilization and understand their compliance position with Oracle. 

Our team of Oracle licensing experts will review your contract terms and conditions to establish an entitlements baseline. After that, we’ll analyze usage and establish your Oracle compliance position. This will identify areas of risk and allow us to propose recommendations and identify opportunities to maximize your Oracle software license utilization.

The information gained from a Siwel Oracle SLP engagement can make the difference between a successful audit outcome and an unsuccessful and costly one. Furthermore, it will help you negotiate a much more favorable Oracle contract renewal to maximize your investment in Oracle software.

Oracle Contract Advisory Services

Siwel’s Contract Advisory Services (CAS) for Oracle are customized for each client’s specific needs. Our team of Oracle contract analysts can provide you with guidance, strategy and direction about the management of your Oracle contracts.

Our Oracle team will provide you with recommendations for managing existing Oracle contracts and align your Oracle contracts with your entitlements to meet your business requirements. We’ll provide a strategy for consolidation or elimination of existing Oracle agreements and offer specific advice on the pertinent terms and conditions in your contract. We can provide negotiation strategy as well as guidance with regard to upcoming Oracle license purchases. Finally we can act as your agent at the negotiating table with Oracle.

The information gained from a Siwel Contract Advisory Services engagement will enable your organization to better manage your Oracle contracts and to be in a position of knowledge and strength as you enter into negotiations with Oracle.

At the conclusion of either Oracle Services engagement, we provide a detailed written analysis customized for your organization.

If you wish to speak with someone directly about this service, send us an e-mail or call us at 212-691-9326, x280.

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