How do you minimize the risk of unbudgeted financial expenditure from an audit, annual true-up, or contract negotiations? Prepare by carrying out a Software License Position!

Siwel provides Software License Position (SLP) Services to help organizations understand their compliance position with leading software publishers and identify ways to maximize license utilization. By comparing entitlement data to actual software deployments, our analysis will identify and define any potential risks or exposure.


During the SLP, our team of ITAM experts will:

  • Establish an entitlements baseline based on your software contracts and entitlement records

  • Establish a deployments baseline by analyzing, reviewing and reconciling data collected by the existing discovery tools in your environment or other data sources if there are challenges with data quality

  • Calculate the software license position and determine the compliance status by comparing and reconciling software entitlements to actual deployments

  • Identify opportunities to optimize software license utilization and minimize compliance risk

Through an SLP, the Siwel team has uncovered cost avoidance of as much as $200 million for a client relating to the product set of a single software publisher.

The knowledge gained from an SLP will place you in the strongest possible position as you enter into software audits, true-ups and contract negotiations, and will help you maximize your software investment.

If you wish to speak with someone directly about this service, send us an e-mail or call us at 212-691-9326, x280.

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