Using proven “best practices”, Siwel’s ITAM Program Assessment and Design consists of a 5-phase methodology that begins with a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s existing ITAM program, and provides clients the opportunity to leverage Siwel’s expertise all the way through to the deployment and activation of a turnkey ITAM program designed, deployed and run using internal resources or as a cloud-enabled managed service:

  • Current State Assessment: Identify what your organization is doing today
  • Analysis and Findings: Analyze the gaps and risks in your current program
  • Future State Roadmap or Design: Build a roadmap or design a detailed plan of what needs to be done to achieve the desired vision for the ITAM program

ITAM program Assessment & Design.png

  • Solution Deployment: Implement the ITAM program design
  • Steady State: Review the new ITAM program’s effectiveness and make ongoing adjustments as required

In addition, we also offer a service that offers clients an opportunity to obtain an assessment of their ITAM Program’s maturity against the requirements of the ISO-19770-1 SAM Standard.

The end result of these services is a reliable ITAM program that generates accurate information about your IT assets and enables your organization to make good business decisions about how you are managing and optimizing them.

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