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Journey.VM Cloud Solutions

Accelerate Your Company’s Journey to The Cloud…with Journey.VM by Siwel ConsultingOverview

The past few years have seen an explosion in the time and effort dedicated to virtualizing IT infrastructures to achieve greater efficiency and lower costs in the data center. However, as budgets continue to shrink and business needs continue to grow, top-down pressure to find even greater efficiency builds. Cloud computing promises an even more efficient, flexible and cost-effective IT model that will enable your organization to respond faster to business opportunities. The challenge for every IT decision-maker is how to accelerate the benefits of the cloud while avoiding the pitfalls and mitigating the inherent risks.

Virtualization is the essential catalyst for cloud computing – the first leg on your journey – so you have probably taken the first step toward this higher level of IT efficiency. But if it is not planned properly, the transition to the cloud can be disjointed, costly and slow.

As one of VMware’s first partners, Siwel builds on a rock-solid vSphere foundation to deliver a comprehensive solution that enables the journey to your private cloud. Journey.VM by Siwel is a robust, scalable cloud enablement solution that accelerates your transition to the cloud while mitigating the risk – no matter where you currently find yourself on the journey.

What is Journey.VM?

Journey.VM is a complete bundle of products and services designed to jump start your cloud implementation – a versatile, flexible solution that will enable your organization to fully embrace all the rich benefits of service delivery in the cloud. This cost-effective solution can be easily implemented and managed within your existing infrastructure, yet is scalable enough to meet your future cloud computing needs.

Journey.VM provides:

  • A Robust, Efficient, Stable Platform
  • Reporting (Knowledge) and Tracking
  • Consistent, Predictable Performance
  • System Flexibility and Scalability
  • User Accountability
  • Management Control
  • Deep Security

Journey.VM Bundles

Siwel Consulting offers a choice of 3 Journey.VM bundles. Each enables you to build your private cloud solution at whatever pace you require, and within any constraints of budget or resources. Each bundle helps accelerate your journey while mitigating your risk, wherever you are in your transition to the cloud.

Journey.VM – Tier 3 provides a robust, efficient platform with the stability, consistency, capacity management and scalability you need to make a smooth transition to your private or hybrid cloud.

Journey.VM – Tier 2 adds a level of deep security that includes intrusion detection and prevention, firewall, integrity monitoring, log inspection, and agentless anti-malware capabilities.

Journey.VM – Tier 1 is our premium Journey bundle. In addition to all the features included in the Tier 2 solution, Journey.VM Tier 1 adds more comprehensive management control and full user accountability as your cloud expands.

Professional Services: Implementation of your Journey.VM solution is painless, and can often be completed in 120 days or less. All three bundles include a pre-project assessment, installation and configuration of all components, as well as solution training. A post-implementation schedule of health checks – at 30, 60 and 90 days – is included with Journey.VM Tier 1, while Journey.VM Tier 2 includes a health check after 90 days.

Journey.VM can eliminate any turbulence and accelerate your journey to the cloud, beginning with low risk functions, then working toward more critical applications. Contact your Siwel representative today for a free consultation on how to jump start your journey.

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