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Desktop Virtualization

Make a Molehill Out of a Mountain with Siwel and VMware

Providing up-to-date, secure computing desktops to hundreds or thousands of users across multiple locations used to be an extremely daunting, labor-intensive task. But today, with virtualized desktops based on VMware technology, tailored to your specific needs by Siwel Consulting, what was once a monumental challenge can be accomplished with just a few mouse clicks.

Desktop Virtualization is one of the critical steps that forward-thinking companies take when transforming their data infrastructure from an expense to a strategic asset. This game-changing technology greatly reducescosts while increasing control, compliance and security. It also provides higher levels of service to end-users by speeding issue resolution from your help desk.As one of VMware’s first partners, Siwel Consulting is uniquely qualified to deliver all the benefits of Desktop Virtualization to companies of any size. While VMware forms the backbone of our Desktop Virtualization solutions, we also integrate “best of breed” technologies from other partners, including WYSE for thin, zero and cloud PC client solutions, Liquidware Labs for assessment and user experience management, and Trend Micro for virtual desktop security. Siwel Consulting Desktop Virtualization

VDI Gartner Siwel Consulting
Breakthroughs in Efficiency, Continuity and Control

Virtualizing desktops across your organization delivers benefits in three key areas:

  • Cost-efficient, centralized management After creating a standardized desktop image (or multiple images for different classes of users), a few clicks from your centralized data center will deploy that desktop to every user you choose in a matter of seconds, regardless of physical location. This means you can greatly reduce your IT footprint in remote offices. And because these desktops are delivered as a managed service running on distributed servers, the computing load can be shared across physical resources. The result is a faster experience for every user. This centralized approach also makes Software Asset Management much more efficient, ensuring that you’re getting the most from your software investment without overpaying.


  • Business continuity and uninterrupted access Because virtualized desktop images are duplicated across servers, business continuity and disaster recovery are built-in benefits. If one server goes down, failover protocols kick in and business continues as usual, typically without users ever noticing. Resource provisioning is also greatly simplified, so that users can access the information they need, at full speed, wherever they have access to an Internet connection.


  • Security and compliance that’s easy to control From healthcare to financial services to public-sector organizations, most large enterprises have regulations that they’re legally bound to follow. Virtualized desktops greatly simplify this compliance with authentication that only allows select users to access sensitive data, while providing secure, easily accessible backups that meet the strictest requirements. What’s more, each user can be given as much, or as little control over their desktop as needed, so they can get the job done without endangering the rest of the enterprise.

VDI Gartner Siwel Consulting
Siwel Consulting Puts Desktop Virtualization to Work

Siwel is one of VMware’s longest-standing, most experienced partners. We’ve worked with this technology for more than a decade, so we know where it’s been and where it’s going. We also continuously monitor and test emerging technologies so we can build the best solutions for each client, regardless of technology vendor. We combine these technologies into a tailored, synergistic solution that aligns with the business objectives of each client. So we don’t just provide tech for its own sake, but to enhance your bottom line. Because of our consultants-first approach, Siwel carefully examines your existing IT investments to make the most of what you have while pushing forward to where you want to be. We pay particular attention to integrating new solutions into your existing business processes, while we help your people fully adopt the technology and realize all its benefits. We know the challenges inherent in implementing Desktop Virtualization, and we’re experienced at mitigating those challenges before they become problems. The solutions we deliver have significant strategic benefits, and we work diligently to make sure each of our clients receives the full value of this important investment.

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