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Contract Advisory Services

IT Asset Management Contract AdvisoryWhen you’re buying a house, it’s important to understand your purchase contract, the title to the house and all other legal documents, to ensure that your interests are protected. Hiring a real estate attorney to help you through the legal maze and advise you on each of these contracts will ensure that you are being treated fairly and getting the most from your purchase. Likewise, in the world of software contracts, it is critical to understand vendor licensing metrics, your software license entitlements and actual usage so that you are in a position of power in contract negotiations and audits. This knowledge will enable you to optimize your software contracts and get the most for your money. Like the real estate attorney, Siwel Contract Advisory Services can step in and help.In recent years, software contracts and licenses have seen a significant increase in complexity, largely due to:

  • Rapid adoption of virtualization
  • Vendor-directed changes to licensing metrics
  • Continuous change to software bundles and suites
  • Significant increase in compliance audits

The Challenge: Are you in compliance with your software vendors?

Imagine that one of your major software suppliers has requested an audit, and you don’t know exactly where your organization stands in terms of licenses deployed compared to licenses you are entitled to by the terms of your software agreement. You are unaware of your Net License Position with this vendor.

Or imagine that your enterprise agreement with another major software supplier is up for renewal. It is unclear whether your organization has deployed all the licenses that are available, or there is still software “on the shelf,” yet to be used. Because you are uncertain about your compliance position, you fear that your organization will be at a disadvantage when you sit down at the negotiating table.

If these scenarios sound familiar, Siwel Consulting can help. Our IT Asset Management (ITAM) Center of Excellence provides services to help your organization gather intelligence on exactly where you stand regarding software compliance. Siwel can ensure that you are prepared with accurate information and the expertise of the most experienced ITAM professionals.

The Siwel Solution:
Siwel Contract Advisory Services

Siwel’s ITAM Center of Excellence provides the following services to help organizations prepare for contract negotiations, audits and true-ups.

Net License Position (NLP) Services

Through our Net License Position Services, Siwel helps organizations reconcile software license deployments to entitlements, providing a clear picture of your compliance position with your major suppliers. Our team of ITAM experts will:

  • Establish an entitlements baseline for your software contracts and agreements
  • Analyze, review, and reconcile data collected by the existing discovery tools in your environment
  • Establish your Net License Position by comparing and reconciling software entitlements to actual deployments

Contract Consulting Services

Siwel’s Contract Consulting Services are designed to provide guidance, strategy and direction to ensure that your agreements are aligned and “right-sized” to minimize risk. Siwel will:

  • Ensure alignment of contracts with business requirements and your technology roadmap
  • Advise on pertinent terms and conditions in the contract
  • Optimize value, flexibility and benefits of the contract
  • Analyze contract revisions, cost implications and potential risk during negotiations, and recommend alternatives
  • Consult on negotiation strategy
  • Participate at the negotiating table representing our clients, or act as an agent for them

Audit Preparation / Audit Response Services

Siwel’s Audit Preparation / Audit Response Services provide guidance, strategy and direction for your organization to facilitate and improve the audit process and outcome. We will:

  • Establish process and organizational improvements to prepare for and manage the audit process
  • Prepare audit response documentation
  • Provide negotiation strategies and assistance through resolution
  • Provide audit defense for compliance position with the software supplier

By choosing Siwel’s Contract Advisory Services, you will realize the following benefits:

  • Knowledge is power: You will no longer need to rely on your software vendor for deployment and
    entitlement data, and will be in a stronger position as you enter into contract negotiations, audits and true-ups. With accurate information on software deployments and entitlements, and future trend analysis at your fingertips, you will have the upper hand when negotiating contracts and responding to compliance requests.
  • Better business decisions: Through the use of additional discovery data (Business Intelligence) and interpretation by our experienced ITAM license experts (Business Analytics), you will have accurate detail on your compliance position with your selected vendors, leading to better business decisions.
  • Financial: Understanding your Net License Position and the terms and conditions of your software
    agreements will lead to cost savings opportunities and less risk for your organization.

Why Siwel?

Siwel helps organizations deal with the new and significant realities of IT Asset Management. We have been designing and implementing successful ITAM solutions for Fortune 50 through middle market companies since 1998. This experience has taught us that to be successful, your ITAM program must combine accurate, real-time business intelligence with business analytics that enable your organization to make the best decisions about your strategy, finances and technology. Whether you engage Siwel to advise on a contract or audit issue, to identify gaps, risks and opportunities for cost-savings in your current ITAM program, to develop a comprehensive new program for you to run, or to manage your entire ITAM program in the cloud, your organization will benefit from timely, accurate information analyzed and interpreted by the foremost experts in the field.

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