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Managed Services

The Challenge: Keeping Your “House” in Order

IT Asset Management Managed Services

When you own a house, maintaining and keeping it up-to-date requires a huge effort. You need available time and expertise to continuously care for your home. To maintain your house, you need a plumber, electrician, carpenter, handy man, cleaning and lawn care professionals as examples, unless you have the expertise to manage these tasks on your own. It can be much more cost-effective and efficient to hire experts to perform these functions for you.

Similarly, managing your IT assets requires a balanced combination of people, processes and technology. Failure in any one area can compromise the entire program. IT Asset Management (ITAM) requires expertise in contracts, software licensing, various tools, workflow processes, business analytics and more, and a missing link will often result in higher costs and non-compliance. The training, discipline and overhead required to maintain an ITAM program is costly and complex. For these reasons, many companies choose Siwel Consulting’s ITAM Managed Services offering to manage and optimize their IT assets.

The Solution: ITAM Managed Services

Siwel’s ITAM Managed Services offering provides organizations with an easy, proven solution for effective IT Asset Management. The solution seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure and workflow and requires no investment in tools or hardware, which greatly simplifies rollout and adoption. Outsourcing your ITAM program to Siwel offloads your ITAM burden while significantly lowering your IT Asset Management expenses.


Siwel’s ITAM Managed Services comprehensive solution includes:

The Power of People. ITAM Managed Services involves much more than deployment of IT Asset Management tools. We assign experienced analysts to your account that are responsible for full lifecycle hardware and software license management. They conduct baselining and trend analysis, resolve issues related to software license requests, reconcile deployments to entitlements, help enforce compliance and ensure that business policies and processes are followed.

Software License Requisition System (SLRS). Our SLRS is deployed on your Intranet and provides each user with an intuitive GUI for all licensing transactions. This portal capture specific data points required to determine license types, metrics and deployment demographics, and also provides full support for chargebacks. We hard code the SLRS with business rules to enforce your unique contractual terms and conditions. All information is stored in a centralized data repository so that a license is tracked from request through decommission and can be repurposed as needed, ensuring optimization of your software contract.

Download Depot. The Download Depot is a secure repository for your approved software media. Once a user’s request for software has been approved, the user can log into the Download Depot to access the application within a 48-hour time period.

Hardware Asset Management. As part of ITAM Managed Services, Siwel tracks and manages hardware assets and their associated contracts. We track assets through automated discovery and manage them through their lifecycle from request to decommission, including upgrades and end-of-life. We establish links between software licenses and hardware to ensure that software requests for a specific hardware asset are valid, thus allowing for checks and balances.

Reporting Engine. A powerful reporting engine draws upon transactional data to provide insight into the software license lifecycle, featuring numerous standard as well as ad hoc reports. This flexibility in reporting enables you to easily create and run reports required for budgeting analysis, planning or other IT initiatives. An “Executive Dashboard” report will be built on your key performance indicators so management has visibility into data such as entitlement availability, license drawdown and usage trends.

Streamlined Activation. Siwel’s ITAM Managed Services offering leverages a mature activation methodology that eliminates any potential disruption to your organization. We integrate with your existing systems, carefully map to your current workflow processes and design an activation plan that is virtually invisible to end users. Our goal is to make roll-out and adoption as simple, transparent and painless as possible.


Keeping your house in order requires expertise in many areas. Likewise, managing your IT “house” and associated IT assets requires knowledge and expertise in many disciplines, as well as available resources to do the work. By choosing Siwel’s ITAM Managed Services, you will realize the following benefits:

  • Business Intelligence: Establish and maintain access to real-time, accurate information about your IT assets, providing business intelligence to enable you to make critical decisions.
  • Business Analytics: A team of Siwel analysts will be assigned to oversee the day-to-day functioning of your ITAM program and will run your ITAM processes. Only the combination of business intelligence and business analytics can provide true optimization of IT assets.
  • Financial: Your organization will realize significant cost savings through increased productivity of people, processes and technology, helping you gain the most value from your IT assets, including hardware and software contracts. Our clients realize as much as 25%-30% cost savings in the first year.
  • Knowledge is Power: You will no longer have to rely on your software vendor for deployment and entitlement data, and will be in a stronger position with your vendors. Accurate information on software deployments, entitlements and future trend analysis at your fingertips will give you the upper hand when negotiating contracts and responding to compliance requests.
  • Hassle-free IT Asset Management: Siwel will be running your ITAM program within a secure, private cloud, thus eliminating the burden of managing your ITAM program internally.

Why Siwel?

Siwel helps organizations deal with the new and significant realities of IT Asset Management and has been designing and implementing successful ITAM solutions for Fortune 50 through middle market companies since 1998. Through this experience, the Siwel team has learned that to be successful, your ITAM program must combine real-time and accurate business intelligence with business analytics that enable your organization to make important strategic and financial decisions. Whether you engage Siwel to advise on a contract or audit issue, to identify gaps, risks and opportunities for cost-savings in your current ITAM program, to develop a comprehensive new program for you to run, or to manage your entire ITAM program in the cloud, your organization will benefit from real-time and accurate data that is analyzed and interpreted by the foremost experts in their field.

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