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Program Development

IT Asset Management Program Development

Have you ever bought a house, or know someone who has? Before purchasing a home, it is important to learn everything about it and identify any problems or defects that need to be fixed. You hire a home inspector who meticulously examines and assesses the condition, uncovers safety hazards and shortcomings, and prepares a detailed report on the findings. Then you work with the seller to produce a plan to repair the defects prior to moving into the home.

Siwel Consulting’s 5-phased ITAM Program Development methodology can be compared to the home inspection process. It is designed to help organizations manage and optimize their IT assets. Siwel identifies what the organization is doing today, analyzes the gaps and risks, and designs a go-forward plan to “repair” the missing links prior to implementing and going live with the IT Asset Management (ITAM) program.

In recent history, a program to manage IT assets was nice to have, but not considered vital to an organization’s business. However, changes in regulatory and compliance requirements, technological advances and increased financial performance pressures have made IT Asset Management a more critical practice. These changes have caused a seismic shift in the way software and hardware assets are deployed, used and managed. A new, more sophisticated and rigorous approach to ITAM is crucial.

Business Intelligence and Analytics: The Keys to Effective IT Asset Management

A comprehensive IT Asset Management program gathers valuable business intelligence and uses it on a daily basis to support management strategies for contract negotiations and audit management, as well as acquisition, deployment, usage, maintenance and decommission of IT assets. It consists of a combination of processes, policies and technologies that deliver accurate and relevant data to a well-trained and experienced staff of consultants, who interpret and analyze it to ensure optimization of IT assets. Tool sets provided by software vendors can provide some of the necessary data; however, they cannot be considered complete ITAM programs because they do not provide this most critical business analytics component. Having real-time and easily accessible information on IT assets and the expertise to analyze it helps
organizations make important decisions that impact the financial health of their businesses.

Siwel’s ITAM Program Development Methodology

Using proven “best practices,” Siwel’s ITAM Program Development Services provide solutions that deliver value and can easily adapt to changes in market forces and technologies. Our ITAM Program Development offering consists of a 5-Phase methodology that begins with a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s existing ITAM program, and ends with deployment and activation of a turnkey ITAM program designed, deployed and run using internal resources or as a cloud-enabled managed service.
IT Asset Management Phases

Phase 1: Current State Assessment

The ITAM Program Development process begins with an extensive due diligence effort to gain insight into the current state of IT Asset Management in the organization – the people, processes and technologies involved from requisition to decommission of each asset type. The output of this effort is a document containing current state processes and workflows, individual roles and responsibilities, and features and functionalities of tools currently in use.

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Phase 2: Analysis and Findings

It is Phase 2 that most differentiates the Siwel ITAM solution from all others. An experienced team of Siwel experts takes a “deep dive” into the data, tools and processes uncovered during the Current State Assessment, then identifies and documents inefficiencies, gaps, redundancies and risks in the current processes, technologies and staff. The output of Phase 2 is a document containing these findings along with analysis of the causes, actual and potential impacts of these program shortcomings, and opportunities for cost savings.

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Phase 3: Future State Roadmap or Design

Based on the Analysis and Findings of Phase 2, and the needs and preferences of the client, this phase can yield one of two products: a Future State Roadmap or a Future State Design.

Future State Roadmap: For a company that wishes to receive an outline to serve as a guide for internal design and development of a full ITAM program, Siwel provides a Future State Roadmap. The Roadmap documents a high level future state based on the Analysis and Findings phase.

Future State Design: After the Siwel team demonstrates the substantial value it provides during the Assessment and Analysis phases, most organizations proceed immediately to a more detailed future state solution that meets all the standards of a world-class ITAM program. The output of the Future State Design is a comprehensive playbook outlining workflow details, new and modified processes, tool and resource requirements.

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Phase 4: Solution Deployment

Implementing the Future State Design from Phase 3 is a complex initiative that impacts day-to-day operations as well as many interdepartmental interactions and relationships within the organization. Many clients continue to engage Siwel to turn their Future State Design into a fully functional IT Asset Management program – on premise or through a secure private cloud.

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Phase 5: Steady State Operations

Even after deployment in Phase 4, establishing and maintaining a consistently effective IT Asset Management program is highly complex, and requires a balanced combination of people, processes and technology. With battle-tested expertise in establishing and operating state-of-the-art ITAM programs, Siwel ensures that your ITAM program is running smoothly and all processes are being followed. Siwel can also deliver your ITAM program as a cloud-enabled managed service.

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Why Siwel?

Siwel helps organizations deal with the new and significant realities of IT Asset Management and has been designing and implementing successful ITAM solutions for Fortune 50 through middle market companies since 1998. Through this experience, the Siwel team has learned that to be successful, your ITAM program must combine real-time and accurate business intelligence with business analytics that enable your organization to make important strategic and financial decisions. Whether you engage Siwel to advise on a contract or audit issue, to identify gaps, risks and opportunities for cost-savings in your current ITAM program, to develop a comprehensive new program for you to run, or to manage your entire ITAM program in the cloud, your organization will benefit from real-time and accurate data that is analyzed and interpreted by the foremost experts in their field.

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