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When Your Technology is in the Cloud, You Can Grow with the Flow

The most competitive businesses are those that can respond quickly to change. New markets emerge. New regulations are enacted. New functionalities are required. These are just a few of the challenges that can demand a change in IT capacity or infrastructure. In a traditional server environment, these changes can often require weeks of provisioning, installing and testing. But when you move to the cloud, growth and change can be as simple as a few clicks. Cloud-based infrastructure not only saves time and money — it delivers a substantial competitive advantage in business performance.

A Cloud From Siwel Delivers More Silver Lining

As a truly consultative IT partner, Siwel can analyze your current systems and your future needs to develop a cloud solution that’s a perfect fit for your business. We’ve evaluated technologies from dozens of companies, so we know how they work — and how they work together. By using best-in-class solutions for each aspect of your cloud, we ensure you get maximum bottom-line benefit from this game-changing infrastructure.

The cloud experts at Siwel can help you take control of your journey to the cloud – wherever you are on that journey. Siwel can set the stage for your future cloud by planning and implementing best-in-class virtualization solutions by VMware. We can help you build out your private cloud. Or Siwel can act as your “cloud broker,” when you need to transition some of your capabilities to the public cloud.

Simply put, Siwel assists in the attainment of ITaaS, SWaaS and SaaS — delivering all of the savings and efficiencies promised by these new ways to deliver your assets only to those who need them, where they are needed and when they are needed.

Rock-Solid Cloud Technology

Because virtualization is the backbone of cloud computing, we typically start with solutions from VMware. Siwel was one of VMware’s first partners, so we have a long history of providing a robust, stable and efficient platform that delivers greatly simplified management and substantial cost savings.

Depending on the type of cloud you require, we may use a validated cloud provider like Terremark to deliver off-site private and public offerings that best suit your enterprise demands and roadmap. And for the ultimate in cloud security, we use the best-in-class Deep Security solution by Trend Micro to make sure you (and your boss) can sleep at night.Our engineers are constantly testing and configuring the latest technologies from these and other companies, so that our clients are consistently using the most innovative, yet reliable, solutions available. But, as with all Siwel solutions, we’re not just implementing technology for its own sake — we’re delivering real business benefits, empowered by technology that’s a step ahead.

Private, Public or Hybrid: We’ll Build the Right Cloud for You

Siwel and Gartner recognize three categories of cloud:

A Private On-Site cloud provides rapid deployment of integrated and pre-tested compute, storage, and network components into a single architecture that scales to fit a variety of customer environments based on validated designs. Choice and control are landmark benefits leveraged through the symphony of technologies Siwel utilizes for cloud solutions that increase efficiencies and reduce business risk.

A Private Off-Site cloud offering is built to match your internal cloud offering in order to leverage the growing capabilities of component manufacturers such as VMware, NetApp, Cisco and IBM, allowing powerful movement and management of workloads.

A Public Off-Site cloud offers the same benefits as the Private Off-Site cloud, but is hosted in a shared environment, allowing elasticity and immediate growth possibilities.

Siwel can help you build your private cloud at the speed you choose. Whether you want to begin slowly with a conservative approach by first transitioning lower risk, non-critical functions like testing and development, or you want to realize the many benefits of cloud computing more quickly, we can make your transition a comfortable one.

We’ll show you how to leverage the existing assets in your data center by virtualizing them with VMware to build a private cloud that you control. Even if that cloud never extends outside your enterprise, you’ll see vastly increased ease of management and realize substantial cost savings.

We can also bridge this private cloud to compatible, secure public clouds, so that users around the world can access the applications and the data they need, whenever and from wherever they need it. By combining your internal private cloud with a public cloud and allowing appropriate data to flow between the two, you get the best of both worlds: a hybrid cloud. This hybrid cloud allows anyone you choose, including your customers, to use any data in any application you desire. It’s the ultimate in flexibility and power, because it can instantly scale and adapt to your needs. Plus, with a cloud built by Siwel on a VMware foundation, your apps and data will be accessible to users regardless of device or location, while maintaining security and control.

Today, cloud computing can provide a substantial competitive advantage. But as more and more companies adopt this new way of delivering your applications and your data, it will become an imperative. By letting Siwel Consulting build your cloud now, you’ll enjoy significant first-mover advantage along with all the other benefits the cloud can deliver.

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