Minimize Unregulated Data Growth. Maximize Your Storage Investment.

From small businesses to the largest enterprises, data has a way of rapidly expanding to fill every available drive and array. Often, a large portion of this data – sometimes more than half of it – is duplicate information stored as multiple copies. Siwel Consulting can help you find and eliminate these multiple copies, safely and securely, and reclaim your wasted storage space while still providing data to your users when and where they need it. By eliminating this redundant data, you can make more efficient use of your storage investment, which has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Eliminate Duplicate Data Wherever It’s Hiding

Duplicate data can waste space anywhere you store information, from your day-to-day working data, to backup data, to your deepest archives. Siwel’s deduplication solutions shrink all of this data, no matter where it resides, freeing up valuable capacity. Plus, this deduplication can be accomplished with nominal impact on data center operations and without impacting critical application performance.

Siwel Expertise: Tailoring a Perfect Fit for Your Company

Because Siwel Consulting is first and foremost a business consultant, we sought out the best possible technology to help our clients meet their deduplication needs and provide maximum strategic benefit. We know how to use all of the tools at our disposal, and our solutions often include technologies from partners like Syncsort and CommVault. Not surprisingly, however, most of our deduplication solutions start with NetApp, the proven leader in data storage technology.

Many competing deduplication technologies work at the file level, but NetApp goes deeper. By examining your data at the sub-file level, it can identify blocks that are exactly the same, then store only one version of those blocks. NetApp technology is protocol-agnostic, running on CIFS as well as NFS volumes. It works across all types of storage arrays, regardless of vendor. And, most importantly, NetApp deduplication technology is totally safe for your data, with complete byte-level verification run before deduping. In fact, NetApp has never had a reported data loss from using their deduplication technology.

Of course, to realize the maximum benefit from this deduplication technology, this solution must be tailored to each specific company’s needs. As a NetApp Platinum Partner, Siwel fully understands NetApp’s deduplication capabilities and how to integrate them into any data center. We can show you best practices on where to strategically deploy deduplication to get the most impact on your bottom line in a very short amount of time. Once it’s installed and configured, deduplication is performed automatically, typically at non-peak hours, so that excess data is eliminated as it comes into your systems, without slowing down your end users.

In today’s world of exploding volumes of data, deduplication from Siwel and our technology partners provides quick ROI and ongoing savings that continue to grow as your data expands.

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