From Here to VMware: Let Siwel be Your Guide

Data centers around the world are currently undergoing a rapid evolution. They’re making the switch from cumbersome dedicated-server environments to easier-to-manage, lower-cost, higher-performance virtual-server environments. And when it comes to virtualization, VMware has emerged as the clear leader. VMware is the virtualization solution for one hundred percent of the Fortune 100, and hundreds of thousands of other businesses of all sizes.

At first glance, transforming your data center into a virtualized environment can look like an overwhelming task. But if you choose the right partner, this vital upgrade can be pain-free, and start delivering real bottom-line benefits in a matter of weeks.

Siwel Consulting can take you from where you are to where you want to be. We were one of VMware’s first North American partners and have been building virtualized server environments for more than a decade. Today, Siwel is a VMware Premier Partner and a VMware Authorized Consultant – one of the few companies in the world to hold both distinctions – with recognized competencies in Business Continuity, Infrastructure Virtualization and Desktop Virtualization. We know how to make the most of your current investment, adapting and refining it to deliver all the benefits of virtualization, while avoiding the pitfalls that can sometimes trip up less-experienced partners.

We understand how virtualization can impact your software licenses too, so you get the full functionality required by your users without overpaying for redundant seats. And, we fully integrate your new virtual infrastructure into your business practices, including people, products and processes, to make sure that virtualization is living up to its promises.

At Siwel, we don’t consider a deployment complete when the hardware and software are up and running. It’s only finished when your people are comfortable with the new technology and realizing the full benefit of what it offers. When you work with Siwel, VMware virtualization doesn’t just work – it works for you.

The Virtues of Virtualization

A traditional corporate data center is composed of a variety of dedicated servers, each supporting a specific task or set of users. These servers, and their associated data storage, are often running far below their full capacity, while requiring a full investment in space, energy and administration. With virtualization from Siwel, you can consolidate these physical servers down to a handful of boxes, running as many virtual servers as you require. Your users will see an increase in speed and availability, while you greatly reduce your operational expenditures for space, power and administration. Because you need far fewer physical servers, the returns on your capital expenditures are also greatly magnified. And, all of this can be done without ripping out and replacing the current IT infrastructure you’ve already built.

A Competitive Imperative

Just a couple of years ago, a virtualized server environment was an exceptional competitive advantage. Today, with about 60 percent of data center workloads running on virtual servers, it’s becoming an imperative. Most enterprises simply can’t afford to pay the overhead of traditional data centers and remain competitive for long. The early adopters have paved a clear path, and those who don’t cut their costs while improving performance will likely be left behind.

Building a Cloud on a Solid Foundation

After building a virtual server environment, many companies want to extend IT services through cloud computing. By working “in the cloud,” users have secure access to the applications and information they need, regardless of location or device. A virtualized data center from Siwel is the perfect backbone for a cloud environment because it allocates resources where and when they’re needed to serve users in real time. Whether you want to build a private, public or hybrid cloud, VMware’s vSphere, implemented by Siwel, is an ideal platform for putting power into the hands of your users – anywhere, any time.

Five Benefits of Virtualization:

Optimized Infrastructure – By sharing resources across your enterprise, virtualization makes the most of every server, every disk, and every other component in your system.

Reduced operational expenses – When you reduce redundant servers and other equipment, you minimize facility, energy and administration costs.

Enhanced flexibility – When you centralize administration, you eliminate many of the most tedious, time-consuming maintenance and configuration tasks. This allows your IT team to focus on higher-level, more strategic initiatives.

Faster, more secure performance – Virtualization provides greater security, more failsafe operations, and faster, uninterrupted service to your end users. If you want faster, more bulletproof performance, virtualization is the way to get there.

Improved manageability – When everything you run resides on a secure, virtual machine, management and configuration are a snap. Plus, the risks of viral infection from remote machines are virtually eliminated.

Siwel Consulting: Your Virtualization Solutions Company

Implementing a virtualization solution requires a partner who can evaluate your current IT environment, then deliver the benefits you want quickly and cost-effectively. You need someone who understands not only the technology, but the strategic business benefits it is designed to unleash. Siwel Consulting can do all of this, for companies of all sizes.

Siwel was among the very first companies to design and implement virtualization solutions. We’ve evolved along with the technology, so we understand where it’s been, and where it’s going. And, because we are a results-focused consultant, we never let the technology get in the way of what you’re really paying for: business results.

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