Does your team spend hours reviewing video to find a particular person, place, or thing? Can they find patterns across all your videos that "predict" risk or identify key customer purchase behavior? Can they integrate video and other "unstructured" data streams with your existing analytics review and reporting capabilities?


Unlock Value from Your “Dark Assets”

Many organizations have years of stored video footage, but few have an easy way to mine these videos for key predictive attributes based on a forensic review of past incidents. Until now, video processing has taken a significant investment of time, because humans have had to manually tag key incidents in each video stream.  Finding patterns across many videos has required even more effort. And it’s impossible to augment real time video with external intelligence without a consolidated, indexed list of predictive signals based on past footage.
The Siwel video analytics platform  provides the ability to apply machine learning to a whole collection of video to uncover new signals and patterns that improve how companies react to current events in real time. As video footage continues to increase dramatically, so do the opportunities to mine for analytics and predictors that can make a big impact on your revenue, expenses, or both. You can capitalize on these opportunities with Siwel’s video analytics platform.

Connect Video Processing with Analytics

Today’s video files contain critical and valuable predictive signals about what will happen next. Unstructured streams like video, audio, and social media data contain key customer behavioral attributes, but uncovering them can be difficult. Storage requirements can be overwhelming, and frame-by-frame human review of each stream doesn’t easily reveal clear, recurrent, predictive patterns across a massive video collection, for two reasons: the major effort and time required, and the inherent limitations of people performing many hours of repetitive mental tasks better suited for computers.

Siwel’s video analytics platform converts every frame of video into analytics attributes analyzed by machine learning algorithms for pattern analysis. Using machine learning, the Siwel platform makes connecting video to analytics much less labor-intensive. Machine learning algorithms can almost instantly identify a person, place, or thing that occurs throughout a video, connect to previously analyzed videos, or cull through years of old footage to find the predictive signals that show up again and again just before an event of interest - like a risky situation or a customer conversion.

Mine Archived Videos for Predictive Signals

Siwel’s video analytics platform can address specific, high value business issues for many organizations, adding predictive analytics to a basic reactive model – valuable intelligence that can add value to your company’s product or service offerings. The platform uses high speed search to identify key predictive patterns within a full video or across a collection of videos.  Facial recognition and other attribute tracking technologies are applied to historical and real time video surveillance data to anticipate events that until now would be impossible to plan for.

Unique benefits of the Siwel video analytics platform include:

  • Fast Deployment - The Siwel platform consumes all formats of existing video, and is cloud-accessible or easily deployed on-premise in just days.
  • Easy Operation - Point at the person, place, or thing you are reviewing, and let the video indexer find those items for you in the video or the collection.
  • Automated Learning - Forensic Machine Learning "finds" new predictors and patterns - new predictive signals you didn’t know were there.
  • High Speed Search - Cull through petabytes of video data with lightning speed to find a person, place, or thing within a single full video or across multiple    videos.
  • Improved Analytics - Link unstructured data streams like video, audio and social media to your existing analytics reporting for a consolidated, enriched  picture.

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Video Analytics ArchitectureVideo_Analytics-2.png

Siwel’s video analytics architecture consists of three components that produce unique value from synergistic technologies, resulting in a video analytics product that:

  • Consolidates all digital video / audio data using a proven enterprise big data platform.
  • Applies ground-breaking video attribute tracking to historical and real-time digital video/audio data to develop a customized model.
  • Creates and provides predictive analytics that combines historic and real-time data with external datasets and develops flexible, faceted search algorithms to create customized predictive value models.

Connect Your Analytics to Your Video and Your Business

Every organization depends on accurate data analytics and business intelligence to drive conversions. The explosion in video and unstructured data is a huge opportunity to enrich your consolidated intelligence and "light up" your dark assets to uncover new patterns and identify predictive signals.