04.01.19: We are excited to announce that SIWEL is now part of the LIVINGSTONE global family...

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Siwel becomes part of Livingstone

In April 2019, Siwel became part of Livingstone's global family, creating one the world's largest dedicated providers of Software Asset Management & Hybrid Cloud Optimization services. 

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What you need to know now

Is your SAM program doomed to failure?

Posted by Matt Fisher on May 30, 2019 4:43:40 PM

If your organization is – or is considering – investing in a Software Asset Management program, then there is a strong chance that you’ve either already paid for, or are about to buy, a SAM tool.  It has become the default position for most organizations around the world: “in order to do SAM, you need a SAM platform”.  Conceptually, it is also a very elegant solution in that you outsource a proble ...

A Comparison of the Maintenance Cycles of Automobiles and SAM Tools

Posted by Mark Feinman on Apr 10, 2019 9:26:11 AM

Cars have a maintenance cycle which is documented in the Owner’s Manual, or your dealer may send you reminders about scheduled maintenance. Failure to adhere to these servicing obligations could lead to your car breaking down and you not being covered for any necessary repairs.   If you’ve invested in a SAM Tool, it’s important to understand that it too has a maintenance schedule and obligations t ...

A Comparison of the SAM Tool and NASCAR Pit Crews

Posted by Mark Feinman on Apr 2, 2019 9:03:46 AM

NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) drivers have a pit crew of personnel tasked with the support and maintenance of the race car.  If you drive a car, you have a pit crew of personnel at a dealership tasked with the maintenance of your car, or perhaps you do some of the work yourself.  Just like cars, all Software Asset Management (SAM) deployments have a pit crew of personnel ...
...knows our technical environment, yes, but they get our culture too: how we work, our priorities, etc. There is an honesty and comfort in the relationship that enables us to roll up our sleeves and work together for mutual benefit.

Neil Clover, CIO
Mathematica Policy Research

Companies like Siwel Consulting that have earned this year's CRN Triple Crown award are truly among the industry's elite, showing the depth and breadth of sales, technical and marketing expertise to earn recognition on our premier lists.

Robert Faletra, CEO