Those who overlook or ignore Hardware Asset Management do so at their peril. It is an essential component for a mature and successful IT Asset Management (ITAM) program – and can be the cause of significant financial costs and business risk and inefficiency if not managed effectively. Changes in regulatory and compliance requirements, technological advances and especially increased financial performance pressures have made Hardware Asset Management (HAM) an essential practice. These changes have caused a dramatic shift in the attention being paid to how hardware assets are deployed, managed and used

Siwel’s Hardware Asset Management Services helps organizations understand the nature of their hardware assets and the tools and processes necessary for their effective management.

The unequivocal truth is that software cannot be installed and run without hardware, somewhere. That means, for your SAM processes to be effective, you also need to know where your hardware is, what your hardware is and who is using it. You need HAM for successful SAM. A good HAM process is now considered essential to maximize the efficiency of IT Service Management processes as well. More recently, the impact ITAM has on IT Security has been recognized. Not only vulnerabilities through old hardware and software on the networks, but the risks associated with the loss/theft of laptops and mobile devices.

Benefits of a Mature Hardware Asset Management Program

The result of engaging with Siwel is a more mature, robust and effective HAM program.  Your IT assets are effectively managed and your organization can better avoid unexpected costs and administrative burdens associated with lost, stolen or “unknown” assets.

Actively and correctly managing hardware assets throughout their lifecycle can lead to a reduction in the amount of money spent by the organization in:

  • Reduced maintenance/warranty costs
  • Reduced hardware budgets
  • Reduced support/replacement costs
  • Potential to save money through disposal processes

 Having accurate and complete hardware asset data will lead to more accurate and complete software asset management, and so addititonal cost savings and risk avoidance are possible as a result. The Service Desk may see gains in efficiency as a result of access to timely and accurate asset data when responding to end user issues or larger system outages. IT Security for the organization will be strengthened in general as a result of more complete and accurate knowledge of the location of hardware assets and their configuration, preventing data loss and reducing the risk of a data breach.

 A better understanding of the hardware life cycle will help the organization make better business decisions relating to forecasts and budgets, regarding updates and refresh of hardware assets.

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