Data-Centric Solutions with a Bottom-Line Focus

As part of Livingstone, we deliver industry-leading IT services to help your company Store, Compute, Analyze, Manage, Protect and Secure the life-blood of your business: your data. We work with each client to create innovative solutions that optimize IT assets and align IT strategy with overall business objectives. And your business objectives usually lead to a single place: the bottom line.

We help you reduce costs, including capital expenditures, operating expenses and the cost of managing IT assets. We can help you generate incremental revenue by freeing up resources that can be used more effectively to enhance your products or services, or get them to market faster, or transform your customer service into a source of competitive advantage. The result is greater operational efficiency, new sources of competitive and additional revenue opportunities.

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Data Storage and Computing: Siwel builds IT infrastructure solutions that are fully responsive to the needs of your business and flexible enough to adjust to today’s ever-changing market conditions and requirements.


Data Protection & Security: 
Data integrity and continuity of your business operations are critical to your continued profitable operation. Livingstone’s solutions helps you shrink backup windows, accelerate recovery times, and reduce storage footprints.


Data Analytics:
Our end-to-end big data services model provides clients with access to new, high-quality information about their markets and customers.


Workforce Management Solutions:
 Our workforce management team combines extensive knowledge and experience in staffing, business strategy and information technology to bring unique value to our customers.